Organization Change and Development


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Organization process (OD) refers to a carefully planned and implemented process that aims at improving the company/organization. The aim of this process is so that the end result benefits not only the employer but also the employers and its stakeholders. The organization is scrutinized so as to understand the current situation and to find opportunities for change that will ease the achievement of the organizations objective. (Roland, 2010)

Organizational development is important so as to boost profitability of the organization, productivity, the morale of the employees and the general quality of work life in the organization. The employees of today want more than just a pay at the end of the day. They look for a challenge, recognition and a sense of accomplishment so that their performance is maintained at a high. The customers on the other hand have become more demanding of quality goods and services. These factors will push an organization to come up with innovative practices. (Roland, 2010)

Organization development process comprises of three main stages. Diagnosis is the first where it involves the analyzing of the current situation. The second step is Intervention that involves techniques such as team building, process consultation and third party intervention where consultants are hired to help the organization to come up with solutions. The final step involves the monitoring of the organizational development programs to see if they result to the targeted results.

A case is known of the Cambridge clinic that found itself with difficulty in internal relationships. Consultations lead to the realization of leadership, conflict resolution, and decision making problems in the institution. A working diagnosis was made after consultations with all members of staff. A summary of the specific problem areas was made and the staff came up with effective ways of coping with them. (Roland, 2010)


Roland, S. (2010) Practicing organization Development: A guide for leading change. Jossey bass


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