Oedipus Rex


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The play starts with Oedipus who is believed to be the most powerful leader in the city of Thebes in regard to the setting of the play. The story revolves around the fact that Laius has been murdered and the story is not published. It is evidently that Oedipus is just a simple person despite the traits which are deployed in the Oedipus rex. In the play Oedipus rex, we get to see characters such as Kreon, Sophocles, Teiresians and Jokaste who enables the play to be successful in the entire setting. All of the characters used in the play, the do play a major role either to bring the character of Oedipus as the hero or on the other hand to bring the ignorance of the main character.

Actually the mode of Oedipus in regard to Sophocles reaches the tragedy meaning of Aristotle which actually is an imitation of actions. The specific elements of the performance which are used in the play are character, melody spectacle, plot, thought, theme and diction. The paper will actually focus on three elements of performance which have made the audience to choose this specific play and not any other, (SOPHOCLES, 1982).


The character, the plot and the theme of the play are some of the elements of the theoretical production which will help us to get the full knowledge about the whole concept of the play. The Oedipus is a classical play which no one would ever thought of going without finishing it. The character element in this play helps in the development of the story simply because we can see how the character aspect is used to show the tragedy. The element of character in this context is as “ascribe certain moral qualities to agents” (Sophocles 240). Actually king Oedipus in our context clearly brings the element of character. Like any other play, he brings the issue of character and we can conclude that he is a character of high temper and makes quick and irrelevant decisions. He makes some judgments which actually do not support his arguments an example is in the city of Thebes on exactly the issue of plague, (SOPHOCLES, 1982)

.As the play progressed, we can see that the place of action was not altered with which translates that the played was in respect to the traditions of the Greek setting. On the other hand, we can see that the Oedipus rex follows the pattern used in the Greek tragedies thus making the play valid in the place of action. The prologue in the play shows some evidence of how the play is in respect to the traditions. It is in the prologue where the reader gets the whole information of the play which enables the reader to make a sound decision about the play. It is in the prologue where we get the foundations of the rest of the play, (SOPHOCLES, 1982).The element of thought is another element which clearly develops our play. This element of thought is well defined in the play and actually according to Aristotle he defines thought as “the power of saying what ever can be said for the occasion or what is appropriate for the occasion ” (Sophocles 240).

The statement of the play is also being repeated on the protagonist who develops the actual information of the play. It is here when the play develops a new image because we are able to see that during the introduction of the story we get to see another character. The statement of the play is also being repeated on the protagonist who develops the actual information of the play. It is here when the play develops a new image because we are able to see that during the introduction of the story we get to see another character. When you want to stress on a given issue, one can actually see the element of thought and basically this is what is in the play.

We can see how king Oedipus tries to bring this element of thought clear when he talks with Creon that ” thou knowst, if this Teiresians Had not combined with thee, he would not thus Accuse me as the murderer of Liaus” (Sophocles 261), (SOPHOCLES, 1982).What about the element of theme. We have the main and the minor themes in the entire play which greatly contributes and develops the place of action of the play. In order to get our main theme in the whole story, we must know the exactly setting of the Greek during those old days. Since the city was is a state of civilization development, we can see that issues like fate and pre-ordinance not to forget divine laws were greatly looked at during those days.

In our set up, it is evidently that those of fate are which controls the whole play. It is true that human beings are not supposed to go beyond their limitations and thus one need to accept the aspect of harmony which is believed to control the entire world. The theme of fate is clearly shown in our play when we come to see the tragedy of the Oedipus which is as a result of going against the aspect of harmony, (SOPHOCLES, 1982).The element of theme is widely covered because the play got some minor themes which are also important in understanding the whole concept. When Oedipus try to unravel how he was born, this is just a theme which tries to show us who Oedipus and how he was brought up. Like themes in the play, Oedipus rex has the major and minor characters who contribute to development of the play.

As per the play, no one can disagree that Oedipus I the protagonist who bring the theme of fate and conflict accordingly. He goes against prophesies and we are able to see that he is arrogant which makes him to commit crime or go against the rule of harmony. It is evidently that the character of Oedipus is somehow controlled by the fate inside him. Although he has the power to solve any misery which comes in his life, we can see that he is arrogant and at times acts against his wish. In conclusion we can say that he is a better person despite what comes into his life which brings confusion, (SOPHOCLES, 1982).The plot is another major element which is used to develop the play. Actually this is the important part of the play because it reviles the whole message of the play which helps the audience actually to get that need of following the whole script.

It is in the plot where the audience sees the tragic flaw of the characters and how the agents are not certainly with their behaviors such that they are not in a position to strive their problems. Although one of the biggest heroes we have in the play is Oedipus, the tragic flaw which comes across him is the one which makes him not to make it in life. His tragic flaw is the one which brings the failure which comes in his life. In regard to Aristotle once a hero you actually need to be someone who possesses some influential aspects but actually here we can see that instead of the hero to have good things which come in his life, the life is reverse which brings the negative side of a hero.

The element of plot is clearly shown in the play because if we happen to see the King in the start of the play, it is much different as compared with what is shown when the play is ending. In the element of the play, we can actually see some sort of reversals which are happening throughout the play. What we expect to see is not what we are actually seen. We do get things which are totally opposite of the expected, (SOPHOCLES, 1982).In conclusion we can say that the element of plot and the element of thought have greatly contributed to the audience urge of developing some interest in the play.




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