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Cioffi, J., & Fergusson, L. (2009). Team nursing in acute care settings. Nurses experiences. Contemporary Nurse, 33(1), 2-12

Team nursing is one of the models that can be utilized in delivering nursing care services to patients. Though there is limited evidence literature to back up this view, it is evident that there has been a gradual increase in team nursing practice. Adequate evidence shows that majority of nurses working as teams are not satisfied with the huge number of staff and the mixing of various skills. This was proved by Hayman, Wilkes and Cioffi in the year 2006.

It is therefore clear that team nursing not only has an impact on job contentment but it also has strong connections with the safety of patients and the quality of nursing care provided. Coffi and Fergusson, (2009) conducted a research study that extensively examined the experiences reported by nurses working in teams. There was also the examination of the impact that team nursing had on patient contentment and care.

Coffi and Fergusson, (2009) postulated a total number of six classes to describe the experience of nurses. These classes are team approach, the benefits associated with team nursing, availability of care and support, increased extent of responsibility as well as engagement with a multidisciplinary team. Findings indicated that team nursing is patient-centered or aligned and it also increases partnership and collaboration. Hence, there is increased patient care and support.

Communication is the other aspect that was identified whereby team effectiveness is increased through constant and effective communication. It also enhances performance of team nursing. These findings were supported by Pearson, et al in the year 2006 as well as Borrill et al in the year 2002. Coffi and Fergusson concluded that team nursing had a great effect on the type of care provided to a patient. This type of nursing was patient-centered and effective.

Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2008). International Differences in Nursing Research, 2005-2006. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 44-53

Polit and Beck, (2008) intended to make comparisons between the different characteristics associated with nursing research carried out in different countries by the use of data obtained from journals. According to there findings there was a great statistical difference between different authors undertaking different research studies. Studies that were patient-centered were mainly observed in countries within the Asian region. On the other hand, nurse-centered studies were witnessed in Canada, Australia and the Europe continents.

Though there are many demerits associated with the research study carried out by Polit and Beck, there analysis obtained from different studies is a true indication of the inherent differences in regard to the methodology, authorship styles and the focus of nursing research studies carried out in different countries globally. Other researchers who found findings that were similar to those obtained by Polit and Beck were Cecil, Parahoo and Thompson in the year 2006. These researchers found significance differences between different research studies in terms of focus. While some research studies were patient-focused, others were nurse-focused.

A recommendation postulated by Polit and Beck (2006) is for nursing leaders and administrators to promote a type of research that is patient-focused in order to provide a basis for formulating sound clinical choices and decisions. Criticisms and concerns have been raised concerning the limited number of research studies on patients. This implies that inadequate attention was paid to issues affecting heath care systems and patients in general.


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