Nature Scavenger Hunt


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A nature Scavenger hunt is a fun outdoor activity that involves finding things that are around us. For a successful scavenger hunt its necessary to already have your scavenger list which you will use to identify different animals and plants. Our group of three friends embarked on a nature hunt to find the following in our scavengers list. The nature hunt was conducted around our neighborhood. For the nature hunt we had to arm ourselves with tools and equipment that will assist us to easily find what we are looking for. Such items included; binoculars that aided us to observe items that were far. Insect nets to capture the insects to be observed, field guides that helped us to identify flowers and fruits.

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The results of our finding were as follows:

List 1: We found round things on our nature hunt such as apple, orange fruits and round rocks. We also found hat mushrooms were round.

List 2: Things that were blue included Violet flowers, the sky is blue. Things that were yellow included a sunflower and a ripe banana fruit. Red things found included ripe tomatoes and red roses.

List 3: some items that could not be counted include a bucket of water but it was estimated to be five litres. Salt could not also be counted but we estimated it to be five tablespoonfuls.

List 4: we found that time changes all the time, the chameleon changes its color all the time and the direction of the wind changes all the time.

List 5: The wind though observable cannot be seen

List6:  Birds make a chirping sound and others were humming, the sound made by this bird was very soothing. Other animal like horses made sounds when they bray.

List 7: The sound of the oceans splashing back and forth is soothing. The silent sound of the trees swaying is also soothing. However, the sound of frogs croaking and crickets is very unpleasant.

List 8: The air and wind cannot be photographed but they can be observed and illustrated.

List 9: The number of butterflies in our neighbourhood is gradually increasing in number while the number of moss mounds on the walls of buildings is significantly decreasing.

List 10: The baobab tree next to the mayors office is growing larger. My neighbors dog is getting smaller with age.

List 11: I love the nature trail next to the river but I hate rodents such as rats. I am also very indifferent about animals like snakes because as mush as they appear harmless and can be domesticated as pets, they are very lethal.


The nature scavenger hunt took us two days so that we can adequately observe our neighbourhood during the day, at night and very early in the morning. The observation we made were verified by each of the team member before we compiled the final piece of writing. It involved sitting outside for hours to observe for example the change of wind direction, the increased number of butterflies in the neighbourhood. A change in climatic conditions also led to a reduction of the mould growths on the walls of buildings and to verify this we had to make comparison with the previous months. Luckily, some of our neighbors had taken pictures of their homes covered with the mould and we took the picture of the house snow with less mould to see the difference.


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