My Life and Love of Mediterranean Food


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Do you ever wonder about how many stars are in the sky? How were they formed? When did that happen?  What made it happen? Why would someone think about these things? Well, that is me. I guess my curiosity at times nags my brain-thinking about things that I may even never get to know about.

However, I think it is healthy and that is why I love taking challenges that involve thinking. Personally, I am a very curious person always driven to ask questions that at times even irritate people. But this has been a good thing in my academics; it gives me the ability to analyze things, events, objects and personalities from a critical angle. I guess if I were a dog I would probably go a round sniffing at anything trying to tell what it is or smells like.

My curiosity coupled with inquisitiveness may be the reason behind my love for sampling foods, with my favorite being the Mediterranean recipes. I grew up in the Mediterranean and the native people around the region have various, popular kinds of mouth watering recipes of different types and world popularity.

Despite the fact that I love sampling foods from various regions such as the oriental recipes and African cuisines, I have never lost my love and Mediterranean foods. I actually love cooking Mediterranean food, and some of these recipes were passed down to me from my mother, who was a great cook. I can’t resist at times making Xerox copies of her recipe book try out. Well, that is me curious, inquisitive, a great cook and a lover of Mediterranean food.



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