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There are several television shows and movies that depict a counselor or counselors taking part in different counseling sessions. Two examples of such movie shows include Glee TV show and the Dr. Phil show. In the Glee show, the counselor, whose name is Emma Pillsbury has been portrayed as an insightful, ideal and empathetic counselor. The same case applies to Dr. Phil who is an insightful and smart, talk show counselor.

The good trait about Dr. Phil is that he never holds an assumption of knowing everything that there is to know. I like the way these counselors work because they are willing to learn from other people. The key point of concern about Dr. Phil is that he can not perform a one-on-one counseling session. He is more of a group counselor than a personal counselor. The point of concern about Emma as a counselor is that though she tries her level best in giving meaningful and logical counsel, she most of the times lets her emotion control her dealings.


Some of the theories that the portrayed counselors make use of are the client centered theory, which applies to Emma Pillsbury. The characteristics associated with this theory include acceptance, empathy as well as active and attentive listening. Dr. Phil on the other hand makes use of a technique or theory that is solution focused. This is by focusing on the needs of his listeners and not their problems. Rather than focusing on past events, this kind of approach mainly lays emphasis on the present and the future happenings.


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