Morale in the Work Place


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 The major goal of any organization is to attain productivity and profitability. High morale is associated with the highest levels of productivity and profitability in the workplace. This means that managers have the great responsibility of ensuring employees have the highest level of moral in the workplace. They have to continually build and improve the morale of employees in the work environment.

Employees have to be instilled with the sense of purpose and belonging and hope to build high morale within the work place environment. This paper will examine what managers can do in increasing and shaping high motivation and morale in the organization.

Business goal

 In any business, the main goal is to provide satisfactory services and even products to customers. This assures that there are healthy returns on the shareholders investment. To achieve this goal managers, have to highly be concerned about the work environment and the employees. The managers have to be aware of ways of creating a workplace of high morale where people enjoy their job love to come to work enthusiastically, have the pride of their company at heart, and show strong motivation and self-confidences in any team or individual project [1](Bruce, 2002, p 13).

The main challenge to mangers is to be highly sensitive to the needs of the employees.  Unlike in the past managers used to think that success could only be attained through effective tools and strategies in the business but this is not the case because through the development of a work environment which is puts a sense of care and unity is the main thing. Managers and supervisors challenge is boosting and building a sustainable morale in the organization as a way of getting the most out of them. High morale in the workplace means collaborating with employees and to provide them with incentives where they can work smartly and work hard [2](Bruce, 2002, p 12).

Morale is therefore the determination of how employees feel about their work and the organization in general. When employees do not have morale, it means that they will have very low participation because they lack a sense of being committed to the organization and lack enthusiasm to work effectively and efficiently. When the employees have high morale, they will work towards fostering collaboration and excelling in every work they do. They will also desire to collaborate with others and to contribute their ideas on work. It is only intelligent managers who can recognize the business pay offs and the physiological benefits of high morale.

Creating a high morale and performing workplace

Morale in the workplace can only be attained when every individual is made to feel   special, needed and has a major role to play in the organization. The major point here is to establish a group identify among employees which will make them boost their self esteem, have a sense of belonging and pride. Another way the managers can use to   bring forth high morale in the workplace is to develop relevant training programs which will help employees have the confidence of doing various tasks and activities.

These   programs should also go hand in hand with self-directed learning through group discussions, a reading recommended list and seminars. These programs help employees discuss issues and get together in an informal setting where they can discuss challenges and solutions for those challenges which will help in the improvement of the whole organization or a specific department (Bramberg, 2006, 78). [3]

Promoting the eprit de corpos is another way which morale can be builds in the workplace. This means that employed can freely share their feelings and experiences through developing a voluntary session which can help workers share good things they have learned over as certain period of time. The employers have to pay attention into the needs of their employees at all times and to solve both their personnel and workplace challenges they face. This means that the manager has to be very observant in noticing how employees react and adapt the continuous changes of the organization through examining aspects like fear of what the future holds for tem as well as any associated stress (Bruce, 2002, p 13).

Impact of high morale in the workplace

Morale influences workers ability to work and perform effectively as well as their personal motivation. This means that directly affects the attitudes employees have towards their managers and the organization at large. In establishing whether or not employees have the morale of working, a manager has to ask himself whether or not he provides workers with rewards not necessarily in terms of money, but in terms of praises and recognition for the hard work they do. The manager should be also   sensitive and to realize that any action he does towards his juniors will either promote performance or lead to a decline of performance

It is also important to empower employees either through training and   giving   them   more challenging responsibilities where they will attain more productivity and improve their performance. Creating morale in the workplace means enabling the employees to utilize company’s resources to fulfill the customers needs. Looking at the humanness and side of the employees is the starting point of building high morale among employees [4](Bruce, 2002, pp 1-19).

Team members within the organization which have high morale show commitment and dedication to all the activities of the organization. They feel enthusiastic of their responsibilities, they have confidence and willingness to perform and do hat is required of them. Also an employee with morale shows the desire to work with other colleagues.

Measuring morale in the workplace

Employers, managers and supervisors have to be very keen in noticing the changes taking place in the organization. One of them is examining morale of the employees is one of the many aspects. They have to note the feelings the employees have towards their job and responsibilities and also about each other or the management. Such complaints show that the working staff is not contended with their work. They may also be feeling unappreciated and overworked. Loss of morale among employees can also be cause by a negative inciter or a troublemaker. The management can take various approaches and   methods in discovering the moods and morale level among employees [5](Wolf 2003, pp 78).

From time to time, the supervisors or managers should carry out a mood survey. This is a method through which every individuals can deliver what he feels by responding to carefully designed questions of establishing their moods. These questions should be properly constructed in order to bring forth good results. The questions should be directly to a specified department or a groups of people within the organization. This method can also be face to face conversation between the employees and the supervisors. The supervisor will therefore receive one to one feedback from the employees which will help him gauge the companys morale.

This approach should well disclose that the employees would not face any repercussions for their response or utterance. To gauge the overall morale of the organization, the supervisors, employers and managers can examine the production trend. Through this approach, the employers can know the productivity level of each group within the organization. Low productivity means that the group has low morale and something has to be done about it [6](Frankel, 2006, pp 72).

Another strategy is to study the trends of complaints given by employees. This helps the supervisors know the morale of the employees. When complaints from the employees are not heard, they will tend to have low morale which also affects the productivity level of the organization. The managers and supervisors have to work hand in hand with the team members. This will help the supervisor have the grassroots results of the working environment the employees are in and their morale level [7](Topchick, 2001, pp1-3).


For the general success and profitability of the organization, morale is the vital aspect to be examined. Employers, supervisors and managers have the challenge  of  recognizing the signs of  the morale their  employees are operating in. they should  develop strategies of  building and maintaining morale among  the workforce which  will  lead to the development  of a productive and positive work environment. A work place with high morale is of the general benefit to all the people in the organization and even to the customers.


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