Mental Health and Addictions


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The course, mental health and addictions, comes up with a unique combination of the academic learning tradition with personal exploration and reflection. As a student I shall strive to explore the course material from both intellectual and personal perspectives as I use my helping skills to assist my colleagues. To demonstrate that I meet all the aspects of the outline, I use my resume as well as job description to bring out the skills I have as well as the experience I have accumulated over time which I believe will serve to fill or satisfy all the academic aspects of the course outline.To begin with, I am familiar with the components of the system of care as far as substance misuse as well as mental illness with a bias on children and youth is concerned.

My familiarity with the components of the system of care also spreads over to include health promotion, prevention as well as treatment. In that regard, I have been working with the youth since September 2000 as a special education assistant and here, I have been involved in the development of effective education systems for youth-at-risk having disabilities including but not limited to autism as well as behavioral disorders. My education background also makes me familiar with the mental illness as well as substance abuse and its motivators having undertaken courses in pursuit of BA psychology at the university college of Fraser valley first in 1991 then to 1992; 1995 to 1996 and 2007 to present.

I have also worked as a residential care worker (1996 to 2006) where I was responsible for the creation of recreational opportunities for clients with mental as well as physical disabilities. Further, my current job description calls for a well founded understanding of the psychological rehabilitation utilizing client centered approach. Similarly, from my current position as a special education assistant, I have a well entrenched understanding of the mental health act and its practical application as far as its application to the obligations as well as rights of the members of staff at the facility I work for is concerned as well as clients.Next, I believe I have a fairly well founded knowledge of treatment practices as well as change processes in both substance misuse as well as mental health.

This is essentially due to the fact that as a special education assistant, I participate in the provision of treatment that is client focused as well as support and rehabilitation for individuals suffering from mental illness. This is something I have been engaged in since September 2009 and hence over time, I have come to be well familiar with treatment practices as well as change processes in both substance and mental health. He post secondary courses which I have undertaken concerning themselves with mental illnesses also come in handy as far as enhancing my knowledge of in the treatment practices as well as change processes in both substance misuse as well as mental health are concerned.

It can also be noted that my own experiences, values as well as beliefs about addiction and mental health issues also make me a strong candidate for the course. I believe that by successfully completing the course, then my ability to reflect on such experiences as well as values and beliefs shall be enhanced. To highlight some of the experiences I have had over time as far as mental health issues and addiction are concerned, I have had the privilege or the opportunity thereof, of coming up with effective education systems for youth with disabilities as well as those at risk. The education systems have developed as the special education assistant have also made an impact on youths having a wide range of disabilities including but not in any way limited to addictions as well as behavioral disorders.

I am also certain that completing the course shall enhance my ability to describe the existing tensions as well as differences within the field. Having worked in the field I am in, I have come to understand as well as appreciate that there exists some pertinent as well as contentious issues in the mental health as well as addictions field. This rare opportunity has been informed by my current position where I am instrumental in the planning, development, implementation, delivery as well as modification of various clinical services. I am also certain that the course shall be critical as far as the integration as well as connection of the misuse of substances as well as issues to do with mental health are concerned especially with learning from CYC theory as well as knowledge.

The course shall also come in handy as far as a description of the various roles of CYC practitioners is concerned and it is in this regard that I shall get a better insight into the mental health as well as addiction fields. Already, I have considerable experience as far as working with children is concerned. For instance, in my current job description, I am involved with the motivation of clients who include children and youth as well as ensuring that such clients are assisted as appropriate with the daily living activities. I am also involved with coming up with an assessment of the ability of clients to undertake self-care undertakings. My clients in this regard include children and youths. Further, in my previous work experience, I have worked with youth and children in quite a number of capacities most notably as a recreation leader in city of surrey between 1991 and 1996.

Here, I was responsible for the development as well as implementation and evaluation of programs for youths as well as children. My ability to relate with youth and children was also horned during this time as I was responsible for running a wide range of sports including but not limited to basketball and football and while at it, I learnt invaluable lessons concerning effective communication skills with the group I was working with.Further, I have worked as a recreational therapist at the pacific development pathways from mid1994 to early 1996. Here, I was responsible for the creation as well as implementation of program (full-time) for children as well as youths (mostly teenagers) who had disabilities which were both physical and mental.

It may also be important to note that I have worked with youth and children in a number of other capacities including as a recreational leader from lat 1987 to early 1997 at the Langley city and municipality and currently as a special education assistant where I am involved with the creation as well as implementation of programs for youth and children having disabilities. It is therefore important for me to note herein that the course shall go a long way as far as enhancing my knowledge of the various roles CYC practitioners play in mental health as well as substance misuse. Here, my ability to enhance as well as better the intellectual, social, emotional, as well as physical vulnerability of youths and children shall be enhanced.

I believe that the mental health and addictions course is well suited for me as all my current job description, abilities, competences as well as aspirations in one way or the other meet all the aspects of the course outline as per the brief description above. Apart from my education, training and experience, I also have demonstrated abilities as well as specific skills to enhance my success in his field. T give you a brief summary of myself, I am outgoing and sociable and I have over time come to develop a interest in working with children as well as youths in h area of mental health and addictions where I have come t the realization that every individual is capable of attaining whatever it is that he or she wants to attain irregardless of their mental or addiction issues if only given the help that is requited.

I also possess excellent oral as well as written communication skills and based on my prior experience which I give a glimpse of in the text, I have the ability o develop as well as maintain client rapport (therapeutic) and use he rapport created to ensure that clients are appreciative of their illnesses and hence respond appropriately to the process of rehabilitation. It is against the backdrop of this that I believe I have knowledge as well as experience of most of the information contained in the outline.

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