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From:  Zipporah Githegi, supervisor Advertising Division Carson Promotions.

To: Brent A. Becker, President Corporate Headquarters Carson (California) Promotions.


Mr. Bill Smith is an administrative assistant assigned to the Advertising Division. In the course of the month of June, Mr. Smith used offensive language while referring to the temperaments of several employees. His behavior has demoralized the victimized employees, those who overheard him use the offensive language as well as those assigned in his department. This has weakened building of trusting relationships and making of friends between him and other workers within and without his department. As a result the overall production has decreased due to low participation of employees in his department for fear of being reprimanded.


On June 1 (Friday), Mr. Smith violated the companys policy by using offensive language on three different employees during the noon lunch break. First and foremost, Mr. Smith openly referred to Mr. Jones as a stupid, dump and illiterate person. Secondly, Mrs. Adam, also an employee, stated that on that very noon lunch break, Mr. Smith told her that she was unattractive in her current hairstyle and that she would only be attractive by changing her hairstyle and applying color to her hair. Lastly, Mr. Johnson, while praying before eating his lunch on that very noon lunch break, heard Mr. Smith tell two other employees that Mr. Johnson was just a Holly Roller who thanked God for everything. This in itself was offense since Mr. Smith made it his duty to dictate the lives of the three employees.

On different occasions, several other employees assigned to the Advertising Division have said that it had become a common practice for Mr. Smith to use such comments but expressed their fear that quit a number of other employees who at first thought it was one of his many jokes, are disappointed by such comments only that they have not had a forum to talk about it. To provide support and evidence to the June 1 noon lunch break incident, two employees who sat near Mr. Smith and the three victims overheard everything said by Mr. Smith. His behavior towards the three employees and the fact that other employees in the Advertising Division had been offended by his comments recently made him guilty of using offensive language towards fellow employees.

Use of offensive language in the name of sincere complement is a violation of corporate policy. In addition, the corporate policy states that in present or absence of minors, an attractive language not a distracting one should be used for communication. Furthermore, a supervisor or fellow employee, with reason, may request an employee accused of offensive language to kindly apologize to the affected in order to help build trusting relationships. Subject to the facts gathered from this enquiry, there is a strong reason to believe that Mr. Smith have violated corporate policy by using offensive language towards fellow employees. The results in his division are a low working morale and non trusting relationships on workers which has drastically lowered productivity.


Recommended action includes advising Mr. Smith of his violation, presenting a formal written reprimand to him and placing a copy to individual file, and requiring him to apologize to victims. Any future violations will be considered reprehensible and right disciplinary action taken.

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