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Students living in dormitories within the college campus have to purchase a meal plan to be used within any of the dining facility of campus.  Students living in the apartments within campus usually have kitchens and students have the opportunity of choosing a meal plan of different values. The North Carolina Central University requires undergraduate students residing within the campus halls to purchase meals plans for the campus cafeterias. The students together wit the Director of  Food Services work hand in hand in ensuring that the cafeteria provide well balanced food and solve any dietary  problems which may arise. The cafeteria offers four meal plans to students.

The total cost of the 21meal plan for weekly basis is $1, 291.10 for each semester. Another option which students can choose is the15-meal plan which starts from Monday to Friday.  This costs the students $ 1, 206.60 each semester. There is also the 11 meal plan meant only for the seniors costing $142.00 per semester. For residents in privatized housings they have the option of choosing the10 meal plan which costs $1, 003.00 for the same period of time. All students within the campus hall must purchases either of the meal plans and submit the completed form for board and room with a non refundable fee of $200 for all returning students and $150.00 for new students (North Carolina Central University, 2010-2011).

There are many benefits of purchasing a meal card to every student. Meal plans help students to have readily available meal of proper diet.  In every institution cafeteria, the Food Head officer ensures that every meal is rich in nutrients and vitamins which are essential for students energy both in and outside the classroom. College meals are planed in such a way that they provide healthy foods to students. When students decide to depend on their own foods, these foods are usually snacks like burgers, chips, pizzas and biscuits among others. Such foods types are high calorie and fat. College meals plans instead are low fat food products.

The college cafeteria offers a variety of prepared entrée, salad bars, and deli which are fresh vegetables for students.  Other healthy foods are a variety of breads, vegetable bars and fruits. For vegetarian students they have the option of having vegan cheese, soy milk and vegerian patties. The State Health Board certifies all the foods offered by college cafeteria to ensure students receive well balanced and nutritious diets. Meals plans are more financially feasible for all students. The college cafeteria offers meals which have been subsidized and on discounted rate which eventually makes them cheaper. Students can also carry their receipts for unused food to the next academic year or semester.

Meal plans are also associated with social benefits.  Over meals students have the opportunity of interacting with other students and developing a network of friends. The college cafeteria is among the places where students can interact. They have shared table setting. The college cafeteria can also offer ice-cream social and specialty cuisines on some dining nights which enhance social interaction. Finally meals plans are meant to help students in terms of convenience. Students often do not have vehicles to travel with in search of food around the centers outside the campus. Therefore by purchasing a meal plan students are able to save a lot of time.


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