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Marriott Hotels & Resorts is a brand of full, service hotels, and resorts, and it is in the list of Forbes Best Companies to Work. Marriott is a leading hospitality company with over 3900 properties and 18 brands (Marriott 2015). The core value of putting people first is the major strength of the company. Marriott tends to provide an engaging picture of the future of the organization. In this paper, I will evaluate the vision statement of Marriott Hotels & Resorts.
Difference between vision and mission statement
Organizations usually summarize their objectives and goals in the mission and vision statement. The mission and vision statement serve different purposes for a company. The mission statement tends to describe what the company wants to do and the vision statement outlines what the firm wants to be in the future (Evans, 2010). The vision statement usually focuses on the future, and it is a source of inspiration and motivation (Bhandari, 2013). On the other hand, the mission statement tends to concentrate on the present as it defines the customers, critical processes, and informed the desired level of performance.
Vision statement of Marriott Hotel
The vision statement of Marriott is the number one hospitality company in the world. The vision is appropriate for the organization as it enables the company always to work towards ensuring customer performance, love, and loyalty. These are factors that the company normally looks forward to delivering at all times. The vision statement of Marriott Hotel & Resort is appropriate for the organization because it defines what the organization is aiming to achieve, which is being the leading hospitality organization in the world. With its vision, the company manages to be the leading hospitality in the industry and also among the best place to work (Marriott 2015).
Importance of appropriate vision
A lack of a well written vision statement results to lost opportunities for attracting, engaging, and retaining talent, building organization culture, and increasing productivity. Research indicates that those organizations with a clearly defined vision statement that align with the strategic plan tend to outperform those that do not. A clear and shared vision normally helps define the values of the company and its employees (Achua & Lussier 2009). It also helps in guiding the behavior of the employees that will lead to improved efficiency and productivity. With a clear vision, the business can facilitate buy-in from employees and creates a sense of shared vision that enables the organization to realize the benefits associated with the strong vision. A strong vision statement normally creates energy and drive needed to pull and push teams and organizations forward (Crowley, 2011). An appropriate vision tends to be attractive to others and motivates them to achieving the goals and aspirations of the business. People tend to rally around those leaders who have a compelling vision and also a clear sense of purpose.
Vision statement and organizational change
A vision usually provides the guidance to the organization through articulating what it wishes to attain (Bhandari, 2013). Through providing the picture, the vision not only describes the direction or goal of the organization, but also indicates the means of accomplishing it. It tends to guide the work of the organization. The vision is more than an image of the future as it serves to motivate, inspire and engage people. The vision of an organization is an essential component of the change process. The starting point for any change in the organization is a clear vision statement. Thus, the vision statement tends to encourage change (Crowley, 2011). Without a clear vision, it will not be possible for the organization to make the necessary changes to be the leader in the hospitality industry.
Current vision statement and improving it
It is significant for an organization to have a vision statement. The vision statement of Marriott Hotels& Resort is to be the number one hospitality company in the world. The vision statement of Marriott does not clearly indicate how it wishes to accomplish its goals. Thus, a way I would improve the vision statement of the organization is indicating how the company wishes to accomplish the vision. Marriott’s vision is being the number one leader in the hospitality world. So as to be the number one leader, it should ensure customer performance, love, and loyalty. Hence, I would consider it appropriate for Marriott to indicate how it will ensure customer performance, loyalty, and love. I would recommend Marriot to include in its vision that it aims to perform outstandingly for its clients, develop a sense of loyalty to clients, and build a loving relationship with its associates and clients.
Components of a vision
A vision statement must be able to inspire and energize colleagues, subordinates, and other stakeholders of the organization (Achua & Lussier 2009). The components of a vision statement include clarity and lack of ambiguity, describes the future, memorable and engaging expression, achievable, realistic aspiration, and aligned with organization culture and values. It is essential to remember that the value of the business or organization lays in the way the public in general and clients, in particular, see the organization.

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