Marriage versus Living Together


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Does the institution of marriage exist in the 21st century? Most couples come with big debates on whether to marry or just stay together without wedding. No one can reject that in old days marriage was something which was much respected and those who decided to stay without wedding were not given similar respect with those who wed. It is just the other day when we have entered in a generation where we actually engage into more than one relationship and still fell comfortable. Free love in old days was not accepted and couples who just decided to enter into those behaviors at times were rejected by their families and the society at large.

Marriage was an important thing which was given a lot of respect and it was one of stage which a grown up man and woman were supposed to pass, (Collins, 2004).In early 1990s most women have done away with the aspect of marriage where they want independency. The education and career opportunities which have brightened the mind of many women have made them to think they are responsible enough such that they do not want any marriage thing in their life. Most of them ask; why get married and I want freedom and also I can provide myself all what I want?

When it reaches to this point most of them are advocating for living together other than marriage thing. Most of us are going for living together institution living marriage institution which is believed to have a lot of benefits unlike the other one, (Collins, 2004).For me I would just advocate for marriage institution although most people are not for that. This is because if we compare both issues, marriage aspect is more beneficial as compared to living together. Research which was conducted on both aspects showed that marriage is one the things which help to improve the coupless health status. If you want to live longer, have a happy life or stay in a state where your health is usually stable go for marriage institution.

For unmarried couples, research shows that the rate of conflict is very high meaning that they are likely to be affected by mental issues which lead to short life among many. When we look at the issue of alcoholism we actually see that married men are less likely to be affected by diseases which results from alcohol. For those who are not married, they are likely to cause conflict each time leading to cirrhosis which is a serious and dangerous thing to men, (Collins, 2004).Suicidal issues are greatly recorded in families which are not married. It is believed that the married families got some room of sharing their problems which they solve unlike those who are unmarried.

Another thing is that for those who are married it is rare to hear loneliness complains because they do give each other company. When couples are together they enter in talks which help them reduce stress and thus reduce the chance of using health care services. This means that unmarried people are likely to spend a lot of time and resources in looking health care services meaning that they spend time and reduce their span of living. In conclusion it is evidently that marriage institution is better compared to any other institution and thus it is better to go for marriage aspect, (Collins, 2004).


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