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The conclusions drawn from this study are not persuasive enough since they seem more like making assumptions. The fact that there majority of homes with cable television had high increase in autism rate does not necessarily mean that the condition is related with television watching. Perhaps other external factors such as environmental factors have something to do with the observation. The other conclusion that was drawn from the study is that there was a link between autism and poor weather. Researchers found out that a lot of children tended to become diagnosed with autism during long periods of snow and rain than during nice and warm weather. For this reason, they concluded that during rain and snow period, majority of children are indoors and hence tend to watch more television.

Researchers ignored the fact that the weather conditions themselves could be responsible for the increased rates of autism in children. The result of television watching connected to autism accounts for only 40% of autism diagnoses. Since forty percent is below half a probability, it is inappropriate to generalize and conclude that all autism cases may be caused by television watching. Moreover, the findings are not persuasive enough since they have faced numerous criticisms from other researchers.

According to critics, claiming a correlation between television and autism is irresponsible on the basis of the study results since other factors could be responsible for autism. Some have also made suggestions that the quality of air could determine if a child develops autism or not. This is due to the fact that outdoor air quality is far much better than indoor air quality. Hence, it is evident that the conclusions of the research study concerning the link between autism and televisions are not convincing enough.


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