Management Division


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Management Division


One of the most challenging tasks in the management division is that of turning around a failing organization. Good management is what it takes to re-organize and come up with a solid organizational change structure plan. In this scenario, the product lines are outdated as well as the loss of market share. There is also the need to address the fierce competition for corporate funding and the adversarial interdepartmental communication. Effective planning, controlling and organizing are the essential managerial functions.


The fundamental step entailing the organizational structure change plan is to determine the new organization’s vision. It is important to decide the kind of organizational system that should be designed and implemented through determining the role of each and every individual within the organization. There is also the need to make arrangements showing the connections between various departments and employees and determining the roles of various personnel. To achieve this, it would be necessary to develop an organizational chart indicating the organizational structure and its connection with employees and departments. To solve the issue of adversarial communication, it is important to determine the realignment of employees through determining their various responsibilities and denoting the persons they are supposed to report to. Employee skills and expertise should conform to the various responsibilities and tasks that need addressing (Hill and Jones, 2009).

The three aspects that a manager should keep in mind are job simplification which refers to reducing the tasks tacked by each and every worker. The second aspect is job enlargement, which refers to increasing the tasks done by workers with the aim of lowering boredom. The final aspect is job enrichment that refers to increasing the responsibilities of workers regarding a particular job. The three mentioned aspects would result to a rise in worker involvement, which might serve as the key solution to address the problem of communication within various departments. Effective and efficient division of labor would be achieved by reviewing the tasks that would be assigned to every individual within the organization (Hill, 2009).

The review of finance, marketing and production is possible through examining the functional structure of the organization. To address the issue of outdated product line and the falling market share, functional managers should report frequently to divisional managers who would in turn report to the corporate management team. Analyzing and making report on the progress of various teams working together to develop or produce various products would help in updating the product line. Moreover, this would contribute a lot to improvement of product quality and consequential increase in market share (Hill, 2009).

Transitioning from an old to a new organizational structure is challenging due to the fact that people are naturally resistant to change. Hence, there is the need to communicate to employees to let them know about the plan. Training them on various aspects such as listening skills, team building, performance reviews, writing and communication skills would also be necessary (Duke and Geurts, 2004). The most suitable structure for the organization is the hierarchical structure since this will enable the control the authority of different managers starting from the topmost level. Each and every manager should have a line of authority that is under his or her direct control. In order to ensure the effective communication and brainstorming of ideas concerning new products, there is the need for direct contact.

The final step is the policy change which should be obligatory and immediate. There is the need to come up with a policy concerning commitment to paying build up endowment and deficits, to solve the issue of increased competition for corporate funding. This policy will enable the organization to rise up in the coming years rather than the continual downfall (Duke, 2004). Other changes include illegalization of all forms of harassment on the basis of religion, age, race, color, disability and even national origin. The organization should show commitment towards updating and reviewing the policy.


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