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 Loyalty means unswerving in allegiance. The philosophy of loyalty has also been clearly portrayed in the Bible. The Bible gives us an indication that God expects us to be loyal to Him. In Genesis 17: 1, God instructs Abraham to walk before Him and be blameless. This is an indication that God value loyalty from human being and loyalty is a necessary virtue if any individual needs to maintain a good relationship with God. By being loyal to God humans will observe the law of Gods and do everything that He commands and therefore having loyalty will bear all other virtues. Loyalty need not to exist between God and men only but should also be cultivated among men.

 According to Royce (1998) Philosophy of Loyalty, loyalty is a key virtue necessary for maintaining a good interpersonal relationship. According to her loyalty should be a universal virtue and by everyone seeking to be loyal to others and being loyal to loyalty there will be an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding. Loyalty is the opposite of individualism. Individualism is usually the cause of most of the conflict between humans. Stealing, adultery, murder and many other social vises are usually as result of individualism. When one is loyal he or she will respect the other persons property, life, and spouse among other things. Loyalty should also exist in other sphere of life.

In ideal situation loyalty should not have limits. An individual should always remain loyal to his friends, spouse, God, employer and country. However, conflict may arise if one become loyal to another party and the same virtue is not reciprocated. One may become cautious and will feel used in case he/ she is loyal to someone who is not loyal to him. A person may also be in a situation where he must make a decision and whichever decision he takes, it will translate to disloyalty to one party or the other. In such cases, the individual has limited options but to take the less damaging action.


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Genesis 17: 1

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