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REF: Reasons the Final Grade is Incorrect

The validity of the final grade has been influenced by various things. Some of the factors influencing the final grade are as a result of the grading system and the catalog used to   grade students. Others are due to man error. First, the grading process used by the institution has contributed a lot to the final grade being incorrect. The grading process used to award students in the institution grades is not up-to-date. Most of the instructors   in the institutions have not been able to follow the grading criteria established by the institution.

Instead, the instructors have used non academic criteria to grade students.This   has led to disparities in the grading of students assignment. This has in turn led to   incorrect grades and hence affected the validity of the final grade. In addition, the correctness of the final grade has been affected by other factors like assignment of grade based on reasons, but not performance. Most instructors do not assign the final grades   based on academic performance as it should be, but they assign grades for particular resoans.

Another factor that has affected the correctness of the final grade is man error. There has been miscalculation of grades based on the class syllabus. This has made it difficulty for me to get the right grade in my final examination. Also, the final grade is incorrect as it was assigned according to unreasonable standards which are different   from the standards used to assign grades to other students in the class. Hence, the factors   have made the final grade in correct and it needs to be reviewed.

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