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Dear sir/ madam

Its a great pleasure to recommend to you this student as a significance candidate for your consideration of her application for a scholarship in political science- international relations .I am a professor in English Philology and lecturer in the university. I teach various courses like English Philology and literature. I came to know this student when she was a first year in the university. Therefore, I understand her better than any other person. She is 26 years old and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English philosophy. She also has a masters of arts in linguistic. She performed well in her Bachelor degree and masters degree (Fawcett, 2005).

She is a reliable and hardworking student as evidenced by her good performance in her undergraduate degree and masters degree. She has enjoyed a lot of popularity in the department because of her excellent performance. In addition, she has had a good reputation in the English Philology department. With a careful pursuit for knowledge, she was the most attentive student in my lectures. She always liked exploring various questions with me after classes and during free time. This contributed a lot to her good performance. The discussions we have had with her, her exam papers and classroom achievement have made me get to know her better. I have been able to note her wide range of skills during the discussion. For instance, she has been able to show her analytical skills during the discussion. This is because she has been able to analyze various problems. In addition, she has an excellent capability to express herself both in writing and in talking (Lowe, 2004).

Though many students were unable to get better grades in my courses, she managed to get a good grade. Only a few students including her managed to pass the course. She performed well especially in her English Philology courses. Hence, I am aware of her outstanding academic performance as shown in her final grades. She has managed to maintain a high GPA throughout her university studies. This has placed her in the top 6% of out 200.She has won various scholarships sponsored by the department (Fawcett, 2002).

Apart from being good in class, she is also good in games and team work. She has managed to work together with other students in different athletic teams and academic teams. This is because she is able to communicate well and handle conflicts. In addition, she is able to understand other team members regardless of their differences in culture and views. Moreover, she is able to help the team members achieve the objectives set by leading them well. She has been a team leader for almost three years in the university and she has managed to deliver good results. Thus she has proved good in team work (Day ,2008).

Hence, this student had an outstanding ability to learn, utilize theories and apply what she had learned in class in work environment and in her life. Thus, I would recommend her for the scholarship and I will appreciate your sincere help to her admission into the university.

Yours sincerely,


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