Leadership and Mindset


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Interview questions

This questionnaire is aimed at demonstrating a continuous learning mindset through personal leadership plan.

1) During the course of leading my organization, what have I found to be my:

a) Strongest points and

b) Weakest points and how have they affected the well being of the company, myself and the employees?

2) Any current activities I have embarked on which serve to reveal these strengths and weaknesses

3) What strategy do I have for prospect enlargement and development as a leader

4) What kind of a leader am I?

a) Discuss its implications to the proper running of the organization

5) How do I exhibit uprightness, justice, decisiveness and behavioral versatility

6) How do I scrutinize the in-house and exterior environments to inform vision and strategy

7) In the process of running the organization, how do I ensure that the resources, execution plans, performance appraisal and getting immense results are made available?

Leaders actual responses

While leading the organization, I have found my strengths to be sincerity and dedication towards my work. These qualities have enabled me to motivate other people to work hard as well and with the attainment of the company goals being their major driving force. I have also realized that my openness and sincerity in criticizing bad and appreciating good has increased the level of keenness in doing work to observe the laid down rules of work.

In addition, my staying organized and ensuring suitable administration is very important. In remaining organized, I have demonstrated my clear ability to remain on track amidst challenges and problems which serves a great deal in motivating the others. Proper administration is obtained by allowing each individual in their capacity to experience the freedom of expression on issues of concern.

However, I experience several demerits that I am working on now for the better. I have remained a poor time manager for most of my service which saw the other staff pick up and the whole organization got chaotic. Currently, I always ensure that am in the workplace way before time to help acquaint myself with my days work as well as have enough time review my finished and unfinished work. This has seen so many employees coming to work early as well as leaving past time after finishing their days work (Meyer, 2008).

Several years after I became the organizations leader, I was to attend a team building event where all the members of staff were to attend and was expected, as the team leader, to give the opening speech to inform the people on what was expected. Unfortunately, I was so late that I didnt have time to prepare an outline of the expected activities a reason that made people correct me in almost all what I said. They knew better than I did. Unknowingly, instead of losing my temper I humbly accepted their corrections what made me realize how down to earth I am when dealing with my juniors.

My long term development, involves completing my MBA course during which I expect to have numerous occasions calling for my punctuality for my classes and assessment tests. In so doing, I will have advanced in my time management skills. Likewise, I have enrolled for training in a would-be management program intended to train one for spots as team leaders, and concentrates on time planning and management skills.

Having acknowledged my strong points & limitations, and come up with a realization plan, I look forward to achieving my objective of acquiring a place of control in the community in two years time and be a leader who observes time and keeps a word to ones promises. I also yearn to be a leader who others count on not just for direction, but as an illustration of how a leader ought to remain reliable and available through being there whenever needed.

For the best part of my running the organization, I have been self-governing by allowing each employee to feel free to make known their opinions through suggestions to their supervisors as well as their immediate leaders who later evaluate the effectiveness of the same to establish whether it is attainable or not. Cases where a leader has been harsh to an employee have not been taken in so well since all of us I believe should have a chance to speak out what we believe in (Farcht, 2007).

I work through a strong set of values which is a demonstration of integrity and fairness. In addition, I am self-aware and use criticism to discern, grow and handle myself as a leader. My decisiveness is supported by my recognition and establishing of dealings with prime decision makers and powerful people while my versatility is in my ability to deal with different people and situations while using a variety of leadership styles.

Remaining up-to-date by reading widely, interacting with knowledgeable people and situations as well as encouraging others to build associations and relationships that will keep them informed is useful in making informed visions and strategy. Finally, SMART plans are in place for individuals and teams and I ensure policies, procedures and capital are in place to support this plans (Ibid).


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