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When an incidence happens, most of law enforcement agencies fail to respond immediately in fear of being responsible. Given our situation, the first thing to do is to communicate as fast as possible to the nearest surroundings. This will prevent panic and reduce chances of getting affected by the incidence. In most cases it is hard to manage people when an incidence has happened simply because they want to know what has happened.

Having informed those who are near the incident finds means of taking care of the situation such as rescuing the affected if it is possible. Since the explosion has happened near the bridge and it contains biological toxins, it is dangerous simply because those substances can affect creatures which live in the river, (Congress (U.S.), (2010).

Communication to the general public is an important thing to consider in such an incidence. Due to the biological toxins involved and have caused explosion, there is likelihood of the surroundings being affected. Ensure that you have made it clear that there are risks involved in such an incident hence no one is required to go near the place. Some of general public acts in a manner that they just to make sure they have seen what have happened.

Crossing the section helps in reducing chances of other being affected. Having dealt with the environment and ensuring that it is safe, let the general public be aware of risks which are associated with such an incident and provide some tips on how to deal with such a circumstance. If it is a serious incident which can take long let the general public be aware through media so that they can be prepared to deal with the situation if its going to affect their operations, (Congress (U.S.), (2010).



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