Job Description


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Job Description

Job description is a form of contract that describes the responsibility and scope of a particular job position (Heathfield, 2010). A job description is an important tool in ensuring successful recruitment of and development of talent within an organization. It helps an organization to know the skills, experience, education, knowledge and capabilities it should seek for in an employee intended to feel a certain position. Among other things, job description assists the selection team to determine which questions to ask to interested candidates. This paper will give a brief job description for the position of services division manager and question that the selecting team should consider asking the potential employees.

Services Division Manager’s Job Description

The aim of this position is to; organize and plan daily operations of the services division, supervise and oversee all operations of the division, ensure high quality services delivery to the clients, team building and motivativation of employees to make them work effectively, generate new business for the division and maintain positive relationship with clients and other organization’s public.

This position will require applicants to be MBA graduates in marketing or any business related field. Other academic qualification will be an added advantage. Potential candidates should also have at least three years work experience in a similar position. Interested candidates should also have strong communication and interpersonal skills, supervisory, organizing and planning skills, promotion and presentation, negotiation and motivation skills and leadership skills.

Question for Candidates

Have you worked in a similar position before? Please describe briefly what that positions was and the duties and responsibilities that you used to perform in that position? The candidate should give an indication of job knowledge and possession of adequate experience in the position we are trying to fill.

How did you organize your day to day activities? How did you identify you priority? The candidate should be able to plan, organize and identify priorities.In you previous position how did you face any major crisis? How did you solve the crisis? Candidate need to display ability to think analytically, supervisor and direct while under pressure.

What steps do you take to develop a good interpersonal relationship with others? The potential employee is expected to portray his ability to view issues from different dimensions and from other people’s perspective.How do you effectively explain a complex task to a person who has little technical knowledge? The candidate should show his/ her ability to communicate to different level audience.

Do you prefer to work with people or independently? Do you think it is important to encourage team work within an organization? Candidate should show intention of working closely with others and encouraging team work.How will you develop new and positive relationships with the client? How will it be of benefit to the organization? The candidate should demonstrate how he intends to develop new business for the organization and maintain the existing clients.

In conclusion, job description is an important tool in the employee recruitment process in an organization. It assists an organization to identify the attributes that the organization should look for a potential job applicant. It also communicates to the employee what is expected of him or her by the company. This paper has discussed the job description of a service division managers and questions that would be helpful to the selecting team during an interview session.


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