Intro to Engineering Technology

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The program entails the identification, analysis and defining of the engineering technology problems in the technology management field. It helps the students to get engagement in professional activities in the same area and to demonstrate a high-level commitment to addressing f their professional duties and responsibilities.
Kinds of jobs

  1. The application of the Engineering Technology in designing systems, components, processes for problems in the Engineering Technology field.
  2. Efficient functioning of any technical team when you are working as a member or a team leader.
  3. Offering Engineering Technology solutions in the society as well as globally.
  4. The ability to accomplish tasks of high quality, timely and making improvements in those areas.
  5. Conduct of standard measurements and tests. The Technology Engineering concentration gives one the capability to conduct, analyze as well as interpret Engineering Technology related experiments. It enables one to make use of those results to make improvements on processes.
  6. The insight and determination in addressing professional and ethical duties and having respect for diversity.
  7. Applying the oral, written, and graphical communication in all environments including technical and non-technical.
    Mechatronics technology concentration
    The concentration is majorly on the design robotics, the automation of equipment and the usage of highly advanced computer technology in carrying out those duties. It incorporates other fields like the mechanical, computer technology and electrical to perform automated manufacturing as well as packaging. It entails the understanding of the way the cooling and heating of systems works and even the workability of the renewable energy systems.
    Kinds of jobs
  8. Teaching Mechatronics Engineering.
  9. Carrying out the manufacture, production, maintenance and packaging in manufacturing companies.
  10. The operations of machinery as well as the mechanical equipment, doing preventive maintenance on that equipment after carrying and troubleshooting of malfunctions.
  11. Fabricating repair parts through the use of machine shop instruments as well as the related equipment.
  12. The monitoring of operational mechanical devices, detecting flaws, applying the precision instruments for measurements and testing in making machine improvements.
  13. Managing of downtime by giving the relevant information to production workers in light of carrying out preventive maintenance of equipment and production machines.
  14. Carrying out the maintenance and also repairing the production and assembly systems in the automotive industry.
    Renewable Energy Technology concentration
    It is primarily on the renewable energies like the wind, solar and alternative fuels. Just like the other technologies it also incorporates the electrical, computer technology and mechanical technology as applied to renewable energy. The knowledge in this line enables one to conduct economic analysis, evaluation of environmental tradeoffs and the installation of systems for generation of power.
    Kinds of jobs
  15. Monitor and develop alternative energy outputs.
  16. The designing of and development of renewable energy equipment and machines and carrying out of equipment troubleshooting.
  17. Testing and resolving of issues in the renewable energy systems and making of the necessary documentations.
  18. Carry out research and develop renewable energy sources and the better method for energy preservation.
  19. Carry out renewable energy systems installation and maintenance of those systems.
    Similarities of the three types of concentrations
     They all incorporate computer technology, electrical and mechanical fields.
     They all involve the installation, maintenance, testing and resolution of issues in the relevant to each concentration.
     They all involve the carrying out of professional duties with utmost ethical standards and having of respect for diversity.
     They all entail the technical aspects of manufacturing and the non-technical aspects of the same, including being in a then leadership position or being team members.
     They all involve the giving of engineering solutions both at a communal level as well as globally.
     They all entail the determination to delivery of quality results and making improvements to processes and machines in the relevant fields.
     All of the concentrations require high oral communication skills.
    How the concentrations are different from each other?
  20. The Engineering Technology Management deals with the management of and playing of an oversight role in the Engineering responsibilities. The Mechatronics and the Renewable Energy concentrations primarily deal with the performance of hands-on tasks.
  21. The Engineering Technology Management concentration as well as the Mechatronics Technology concentration entail high competency in the mechanical part. On the other hand, Renewable energy concentration involves less mechanical expertise compared to the two concentrations.
  22. The Mechatronics Engineering concentration and the Renewable energy concentration deals with specific areas. The Engineering Technology Management, on the other hand, does not deal with the specific area; it is majorly the playing of a management oversight role.
    Which I am interested and why
    I would have an interest in the Engineering Technology Management concentration. It is because it entails the acquiring of skills meant to become a manager in a technology-based field. That is because I have a strong interest in the management of people and assets, and this will give me a good boost in becoming the type of person I want. I have been involved in my entire life in many activities that entails overseeing other people and resources and ensuring that everything goes on as required. The concentration will help to advance my skills in the same and also help people in achieving results that are of quality and professional.

    Job descriptions
    Description 1 (, 2015)
    • Applying of technical expertise in identifying, analyzing and resolving problems in the area of expertise.
    • Ensuring the business goals accomplishment as well as objectives via effective planning, estimating, organizing and monitoring work tasks.
    • Prepare thorough and technical reports, correspondence, calculation, documentation, and sketches.
    • Striving to improve job-related, professional as well as technical knowledge and skills.
    • Supports the company’s objectives and representing it professionally.
    The description concerns the Engineering Technology Management because it has the related elements of management and monitoring of tasks. Also, many of the descriptions for this job posting entail the managerial aspects of activities.
    Job Description 2: Automotive mechanical engineer (, 2015)
    • Development of new and improved design task for the chassis or base frame of automobiles via the use of assisted design technology.
    • The release of components into the corporate releasing system and management of changes.
    • Use of component warranty system in the monitoring work.
    • Resolving of issues and supporting of engineering build.
    • Documenting of components or assembly and carrying out of validation of the same via a DFMEA.
    The description concerns the concentration of Mechatronics Engineering Technology because it involves automobiles, which is the work of Mechatronic engineers. There is the mentioning of the management of changes, but it does not mean it is the description for the Engineering Technology Management. That is because the latter does not entail the dealing with automobiles.

    References (2015). Automotive mechanical engineer. (2015). Engineering Technologist 1: job description.

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