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The emphasis that is paid to getting entry into Ivy League schools and the consequent high feels charged is worth for the students attending these schools.
The preview section is going to address the core issues that inform the contempt, and disgruntled nature people have in their perception of these ivy schools. The discussion will thus focus on the merits of admission into these schools, with the overall consideration being in the assessment of the reasons that these schools are warranted when it comes to the thorough selection. It will additionally explain the reasons that people who decide to pay the exorbitant fees to take their children to these schools have, making it not to be a waste of money. Many people look at the Ivy League schools with contempt due to the high fees charged as well as the complexity of admission with a very small number of applicants who get accepted into the schools.
The interview to be analyzed in this paper will be on “Are Ivy League Colleges worth the Price?” The rationale behind the selection of this interview is based on the fact that both the interviewer and the interviewee present a logical and balanced analysis of the issues involved in the assessment of the questions. The topic is an excellent example of my claim because when the issue of selecting colleges that students attend is a major issue for parents as well as children themselves. Further, with the complexity that is involved in getting into these schools, the question of whether the costs are merited has been informing discussions for many years. Through this interview, the reader is provided with an adequate basis for assessing whether it the costs charged by these ivy schools is warranted and ultimately enlighten them on some of the issues that may have been overlooked. On an individual capacity, my desire to get admission into Harvard, although I did not succeed has been addressed in the interview.
The Concepts

  1. Creation of rapport
    Rapport creation encompasses the use of strategies and interventions that are meant to ensure that the interviewee is made to be at ease. The idea, in this case, is to create an interview tone that promotes helpfulness and friendliness as a way of minimizing any possible barriers to forthright communication. In the case of our interview, the interview made sure that the interviewee was comfortable through the effective introduction and making sure that he felt that this information would be valued. This concept applies to the thesis claim in that the information the interviewee provides is critical to the effective comprehension of the issues involved in the Ivy League college. Thus the inability of the interviewer to establish rapport and consequently make the interviewee comfortable would adversely affect the ability to generate the needed information. The assertion is directly applicable in the general information whereby establishment of rapport is central to the collection of the necessary information from the parties taking part in the dialogue.
  2. Guiding the conversation
    The assertion in this concept is that the interviewee is always sensitive to all the reactions made by the interviewer. In that case, it is imperative that the interviewer ensures that the conversation is directed along paths that elicit the most productive information from the interviewee. In our interview, the core desire is to gather as much information as possible from the interviewee on the issues concerning costs charged by the Ivy League colleges and whether they are worthy. Ensuring that the interviewee effectively addresses the reasons that the cost charged by these colleges is worthy will be vital in ensuring that the audience appreciates the issues involved. From the interview, the interviewer directs the interviewee by asking leading questions as well as open and close-ended questions to ensure that the interviewee provided as much information and clarifications as possible. The concept of guiding the conversation should additionally be adopted in the common communications as it guarantees productivity of these engagements.
  3. Information development
    The assertion, in this case, is the fact that the success of an interview is based on the questions they pose to the interviewee. Through the judicious uses of questions, a skilled interviewer cannot gather the needed information but also ensure that the interviewee is not sidetracked. In the case of our interview, the interviewer chiefly limits herself to asking broad as well as general questions that are meant to avoid limiting the responses provided by the interviewer. The interviewee manages to deliver most of the information on the league schools because the interviewer ensured that he had adequate room to base the responses. In the case of real-life situations, the art of developing information is critical to the success of these discussions as parties engaging in the conversation to get the most out of these discussions.

Overall, the costs people pay to access Ivy League colleges is worthy. The assertion, in this case, is that through the resources and connections established by attending these colleges, the student’s benefits more from attending these colleges compared to those who did not. The core concepts I have used as the main drivers to effective interviews included the ones that seek to develop information, one that guides the information and the one that emphasis on the creation of rapport.

Tailored scholar (2012). Are Ivy League Colleges worth the Price?”

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