Internet Safety


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This topic is aimed at educating children in 7th, 8th and 9th grade on the importance of internet safety. The topic educates the children on their safety when using the internet and also the safety of their personal information (Siegel & Welsh, 2008).  .

There are various laws that protect children from the harmful effects caused by the internet. For instance, the Alicia law. The law was designed after what happened to Alicia Kozakiewicz. The law protects children from internet sex predators. The children are not allowed to provide personal information when playing games or accessing the internet. The children should not meet strangers they meet on the internet without the consent of the parent. When using chat rooms, children should be aware of sex predators. The law allows the crackdown of sex predators on the internet so as to prevent rape. Most children like Alicia have been affected by this law as they do not take it seriously. The children have been exploited sexually and in other ways.

The children should be aware of the mistake Alicia made. For instance, she decided to meet a person who she did not know. They should not agree to meet strangers who they meet on the internet. They should not give personal details to strangers. They should also report any sex predators they see on the internet.

The children should read the Alicia law so as to be able to understand its content. The law prevents children from being exploited by internet sex predators. This will make it easy for the children to comply with the requirements of the law (Siegel & Welsh, 2008).



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