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Organizations have faced various problems that are related to working conditions and environment for the last two decades. For instance, most employees in many organizations have found it hard to comply with the workplace policy established by the organization. This is because the work place policies affect the working environment. This in turn makes it hard for employees to be productive. Some of the work place policies affect flexibility in the working environment and make it hard for employees to perform well. They also affect the employees decision as the employees are not able to work from different place or make their own decision. The workplace policies have affected the overall productivity in the organization. Most organizations have established   alternative workplace policies (Avery &Zabel, 2001).

Organizations should consider alternative work place policies due to various reasons. First, alternative work place policies help reduce issues   in the organization. There are various types of alternative workplace policies. That is Flextime, Telecommuting and Job sharing. Another alternative workplace policy is compressed workweek. The policies play different roles in the organization. First, organizations should consider alternative workplace policies like telecommuniting because they increase productivity. Most of the workplace policies used by a wide range of organizations have affected the overall productivity as stated above. This is because the policies have influenced the performance of the employees.

Adopting telecommuting will help overcome such challenges and make the firm more productive. Also, job sharing helps increase productivity in the organization. Apart from increasing productivity in the organization, the workplace alternatives help reduce the rate of absenteeism and employees turn over in the organization. Most employees in many organizations find it hard to cope with the poor working conditions and other issues. This leads to high employee turn over as employees look for alternative jobs. It also leads to absenteeism and affects productivity.

Job sharing and flextime help improve the working conditions and encourage motivation among the employees. This in turn helps increase productivity. Employees in the organization are able to work well using a compressed work week.  Compressed work week allows the employees to work their usual hours in   few days per given pay period. After that the employees have an off. Flextime allows the   employees to develop their own work schedule within the time set by the management (Avery &Zabel, 2001).

Job sharing involves sharing activities among the employees. .In addition, the workplace alternatives help reduce expenses in the organization. This is because the organization does not incur a lot of expenses due to high employee turn over and absenteeism. Most organizations incur a lot of expenses resulting from high employee turn over as they loose a lot of employees (Avery &Zabel, 2001).

Moreover, the alternative work place policies help reduce the rate of conflicts in the organization. This is because organizations have good relationships with each other. Interpersonal relationships are vital to the organization as they help improve the working   environment and employee productivity in the organization. Organizations that have good interpersonal relationships have the right organizational culture.

The alternative workplace policies add value to a public sector organization. For instance, they help improve productivity by making employees effective. They also help improve the working environment as stated above. Hence, the alternative workplace polices can have a positive impact on a public sector when applied (Avery &Zabel, 2001).


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