Increase in security lapses within the United States Secret Service

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Provide a description of the problem assigned.

Omar Gonzalez, an Iraq war veteran jumped over the White House and entered the United States presidential mansion with a knife. The intruder made it further into the statehouse before being apprehended. According to the Washington post, the intruder managed to get past a guard situated at the front door before walking past a staircase leading to the president’s living quarter. The White House acts as the president’s workplace and home, and it is generally regarded as one of the most protected places on this planet. There are also several incidences in the recent past that have elicited laxity in the secret service department. This incident gave the impression that the protection offered by the Secret Service is deficient

-Explain why you think this problem needs to be addressed.

The Secret Service being a law enforcement agency within the Department of Homeland Security is given the task of protecting America’s commander in chief, highest elected officials, visiting foreign officials, and securing events of national significance. The breaking into a heavily guarded complex by armed Iraq war veteran Omar Gonzalez on 19th September can be viewed as one of the most significant security breaches President Barack Obama’s administration. The problem needs to be addressed to enable the regaining of public confidence in the service by citizens. The security deficiency exposes the country from threats and other security incidents. According to reports by The New York Times, the executive summary of an inquiry released blamed the secret service for the breach lay with “performance, organization and technical” failures.

Explain how this problem is significant to public administration or public policy.

The service is entrusted with the responsibility of the first family, second family, presidential candidates and former presidents. With the service spending 5 billion dollars and nearly a billion spent on the protection of the first family, second family, presidential candidates and former presidents, the citizens of America deserves an efficient government that works for them. Americans expect that money taken from them by the government is well spent.

The country has placed great trust and faith in the secret service by considering it as an elite law enforcement agency with men and women who are highly respected, highly regarded and highly trusted. Therefore, the secret service is entrusted with the monument task that they should carry out honorably and with personal sacrifice. With the white house supposed to be one of the world’s most secure places, citizens are left to wonder how on earth the incident happened. The incident shows that there were a series of security failures in the service. The secret service has a critical moment to obtain bias by focusing on policies and procedures related to the September 19 incidents. Besides carrying its duties with the highest degree of effectiveness and excellence, but should also maintain a reputation that corresponds with performance. The failure of the secret service department tested the American citizens’ trust in the service, the trust they clearly depend on to protect the president. From the standpoint of public administration, it is the service’s unique task to offer adequate security that impact on the immediate and direct lives of millions of citizens.

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What is the significance of the increased security lapses within the United States secret service to public administration?


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