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In the metro is a book written by Marc Auge. The setting of the book in the metro is Paris. The book was first written and published in 2002.The book targets the Parisians. The man objective of writing the book is to analyze the city of Paris. In the book, the author helps the readers understand Paris. The author has given a detailed description of the city and ethnography   of the city. He has also given a personal narrative of the city of Paris. The author argues that tourists have to climb the Eiffel Tower so as to see the city of Paris, but the Parisians do not. This is because the Parisians are aware of what to do so as to see the city. For instance, the Parisians know that they have to go to the metro so as to see the city of Paris, but not climb the Eiffel tower. Most tourists living in the city of Paris are not conversant with the city. This makes it hard to   see the city from a convenient point. The difficulties faced by tourists have forced the author to write more about the city so as to help them understand it (Auge &Conley, 2002).

The author guides the reader through history of the city of Paris, the memory and the physical space. The city of Paris has an extensive history that makes it hard for the residents to understand. The author explores the history of the city in his book. The author has used the concept of non pace to show the diminishing of colonial culture. The non place refers to a place where one experiences a combination of pleasure and uneasiness. The author has shown the diverse culture of the Paris city (Auge &Conley, 2002).

In addition, the author shows the beauty of the metro using the various ethnic groups in the urban areas of France. Agues work is considered part of the autobiography. This is because the author presents his experience in riding the trains. He also presents his   memory about people and places below Paris. Although, the author has produced a wide range of works in French, he has not produced in the metro in French. In the metro is considered the first book the author has written in English (Auge &Conley, 2002).

Apart from showing the beauty of Paris city, the author also shows how the subway system of Paris is interesting.  This is shown by the riding of trains in the book. Auges and other people in the city share their memories about the subways in Metro. Different people in the metro have had various experiences. Some find it difficulty to ride the train and others do not. People  in  metro  organize  their   experiences  in  specific   way  that  are   based  on  certain  context. For instance, the   riders in the subways handle time and space. They  also  use   their  skills  to  measure  time  an d  space. Time  and  space  are  the  main  experiences   experienced  by  many people  in  the   area, but  there  are other  personal  experiences   that  are  shared  with  other riders (Auge &Conley, 2002).

The author has used a wide range of methods to carry out the research. For instance, Marc has used the Ethnography method in the study. Ethnography is a scientific research method used in social sciences. It is mostly used in anthropology and sociology. Ethnography involves the study of people, their ethnic groups and ethnic formations in a particular place. It also involves studying their ethno genesis. Ethno genesis is considered a process by which a group of people understands themselves as being ethnically different   from other social group where they come from. This method of recognizing culture has forced historians to use traditional narratives to convey the message (Auge &Conley, 2002).

Additionally, Ethnography allows historians to study the settlement and social welfare   of the ethnic group. Lastly, it allows the historians to study their material culture and spiritual welfare of the society. The method is mostly used to collect empirical data on   culture and human societies. In this case, the researcher uses different methods to collect   data. For instance, the researcher uses observation and interviews to collect data. Also, the researcher uses questionnaires to gather data. The Ethnography helps the researcher describe the nature of the population being studied through writing.

Like other researchers, Marc has employed the ethnography research method in his   research. For instance, the author has studied various ethnic groups in Paris. He has also studied how the ethnic groups were formed and how the ethnic groups in Paris are different from other groups occupying their original area of migration. Apart from studying their formation and differences, the author has also studied the social welfare of the various ethnic groups in Paris. He has also studied their spiritual culture etc. The author has used various methods to collect data for the study. Like other studies, the   study employs different data collection methods like observation. In observation, the author has observed the various characteristics of ethnic groups in the region. He has also observed their way of life. In addition, the author has used interviews to collect data. Several people from the ethnic group have been interviewed to give detailed information about their culture and economic life. Also, Marc has used questionnaires to collect data. In this case, the research has used a series of questions to gather data from the residents. Moreover, Marc has used personal narratives to give a detailed description of the residents (Auge &Conley, 2002).

 The author has achieved his objectives. His main objective was helping the readers understand the city of Paris. That is the various ethnic groups in the city, their culture and way of life. The author has attained his objective as he has provided all the information that is necessary in helping the reader understand the city of Paris and its residents. There are other research methods that would have been more appropriate for the study. For example, the researcher could have used qualitative research method to carry out the research (Auge &Conley, 2002).

The qualitative research method is a method of inquiry that is used in various   disciplines. The qualitative research method can be used in social sciences like anthropology. The qualitative research method helps the researcher understand human   behaviors well. It also helps the researcher understand the reasons that govern the behaviors identified. The qualitative method answers questions like why and how. The qualitative research method uses a small sample size. The qualitative research method would have been fit for this study because it allows the researcher to study the behaviors depicted by the residents. It also gives the researcher an opportunity to know the causes of the behaviors (Auge &Conley, 2002).

 Another method that is appropriate for the study is quantitative research method. The qualitative research method has a lot of advantages. First, the research method allows the researcher to use mathematical theories to investigate the relationship between the behaviors shown by the residents and causes. It also gives the researcher a chance to use a large sample size and hence ensure the results from the research are reliable. The researcher could have used the research methods independently or together. That is the researcher could have employed mixed method design in his work as it allows him to expand qualitative research method using quantitative research method. The book has various strengths. For example, the author has organized the content in the book well. Also, Marc has written the book well with adequate example and information to help the reader understand. There are no errors of omission in the book as Marc has respondent   well in the areas required. In addition, the book does not have any errors of commission   as the author does not respond where he should not (Auge &Conley, 2002).

The book is similar to other books in social science. Like non place by Marc Auge. It also similar to the book A sense for others by Marc Auge. This is because the book is well written and the content in the book is valid. The books   convey similar message as the author analyzes the city of Paris (Auge &Conley, 2002).



Auge,M.,&Conley,T.(2002).In the metro.U of Minnesota Press


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