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The research methods I am going to use will be a qualitative study which requires proper understanding of the phenomena, answering questions and exploring issues (Mile & Huberman, 1999, p 40).  My topic is on the relationship between job satisfaction and performance level in the work place. Previous researchers have established that job satisfaction lead to high performance level leading to increased productivity and higher profit in the organization.

Other scholars have refuted this hypothesis claiming that the employees job satisfaction is not related to high productivity in the work place. I establishing the interrelationship of the two aspects this research will use qualitative method in answering the questions:

What employees feel about their job? Is job satisfaction and morale related to their general performance in the work place? What is the culture of the organization? Is the culture of the organization reflected in the general performance and profit level of the organization?

These are the questions which any qualitative study are based on which aim at answering, how and why questions in the analysis of the topic under study. I will use survey response, interviews, questionnaires, emails and feed back forms to collect data from the employees, supervisors and managers.

Through this qualitative research method, I am aiming at establishing the peoples attitudes, systems, concerns, behaviors, culture, aspirations and motivations. I will be able to provide business information on organization decision making processes and policy implementation. 

My focus group will be the employees and their superiors whom I will conduct an in-depth content analysis, interviews semiotics and evaluation as some of the formal approaches. I will also consider using some unstructured materials such as media clips, feedback forms from the customers for this qualitative research method. If the method would be a quantitative study, I will base my data on statistics. I will already know the solution of my research and I will use questionnaires in finding out the numerical data (Creswell, 2003, p 346).


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