Impact of technology on education

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Impact of technology on education


Technology is of fundamental impact on our daily life. The impact of technology is evident in various aspects of life, and it plays an essential role in every sphere of life. Technology tends to revolutionize the field of education, and we cannot ignore its importance in education (Barron, 2002). Combining technology and education tend to create a stimulating learning environment. It is essential to integrate technology in the curriculum so as to accomplish higher order thinking skills. This paper will describe the impact of internet and technology in developing education in the classroom.

Internet and technology in developing education

Today, the advancement in technology reaches beyond the classroom in serving the needs of learners. Learners with disabilities, home schooled and rural inaccessibility tend to have many available options to investigate and learn (Eugenia, 2012). The internet has great contribution to improving our learning system. When using internet connections, teachers and students tend to have a portal and connection in every area of the world. Computers opened the path that stimulate learning and also help develop high order thinking skills.

Teachers are using technology as a teaching aid. Computers normally provide an interactive audio-visual medium. The animation software and PowerPoint presentation are useful in presenting information in an interactive manner (Barron, 2002). With the use of audio-visual effects, the means of teaching attracts greater interest from students. The screens and projectors also facilitate simultaneous viewing of information by students; thus, allowing a teacher to teach a large number of student (Keengwe, 2008). When using the teaching aids, it results in the improvement of student attendance and also attentiveness in class. Experts claim that interactive media normally increases the concentration levels of students.

Technology tends to be a useful educational tool. The results of a Pew Survey, it indicated that internet and the search engines have a positive impact on the research skills of students (Ritchell, 2012). Researchers claim that the internet and the search tools tend to make student be self-sufficient researchers. Technology is helping in improving education in different aspects. According to Barron (2002), technology helps in improving performance, motivation, and positive attitude. It also creates meaningful learning when students find that the games used by teachers are meaningful to their lives. Researchers found that 8th graders did perform better on NAEP mathematics tests when they employed computer technology for real-world situations and applications purpose (Keengwe, 2008). Technology has a positive impact on developing our education and also students classroom as interactive video programs demonstrate to increase problem-solving skills among students.

Technology also plays an essential role in education in relation to learning disabilities. The current assistive technology helps students with mental retardation, low performers, and those with any other learning disability. Technology advancement tends to create new ways of helping people that have disabilities and mostly those with mental retardation (Eugenia, 2012). The technology helps them to overcome their limitations and learn social, academic, and survival skills essential to function independently. There are technological tools that offer frequent student feedback. Such tools tend to motivate learning-disabled student to remain engaged when it provides corrective feedback.

The use of technology and Internet in schools is helpful in ensuring easy access to information, which is essential for education. The internet tends to be a huge source of information and students are using the internet as an effective method of acquiring knowledge (Smith, 2005). With the presence of search engines, students get to research thousands of search results. Thus, the presence of internet and its use in school tend to beneficial to both students and teachers. Internet and technology improve education by eliminating the time and space constraints. The presence of technology and internet resulted in the introduction of distance and online learning (Eugenia, 2012). These are new dimensions to education and also higher learning. Thus, it allowed those students who are geographically far from each other to be part of one classroom. The introduction of internet and technology in schools resulted in most learning institutions providing online courses. The courses tend to eliminate the space and time constraints in acquiring education. Various universities are providing online education programs that allow students to interact with teachers through the internet, access reference material, and earn degrees online.


Thanks to the innovation and its application, education is now more collaborative than before. Because it offers easy access to information, students are now part of the teaching process as they now participate in teaching and not remain in the receiving end. When using technology and internet in education, the subject experts can collaborate to design assessments, formulate courses, and improve the process of teaching. Technology tends to have a great impact on developing education and classrooms as it caters for the different student’s learning interests and needs. Introduction of technology and internet in the field of education makes the process of knowledge sharing and learning a pleasurable and interactive experience. Technology tends to aid education and education boosts its use.


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