Immune Response with Tuberculosis


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The issue of immunodeficiency is caused when the immune system actually fights those cells which seem to be foreign in the body. Research conducted on deaths caused by TB showed that over two million patients die yearly and also this is actually going to increase because of wrong use of antibiotics which are supposed to deal with the immunodeficiency. According to the study instead of the immune responsible with tuberculosis killing the disease, it creates some environment which is conducive for the growth of the bacteria and thus increasing the chances of the disease to grow and affect the patient, (Bloom, 2008).Primary immunodeficiency (PID) and the acquired immunodeficiency are the common types of immunodeficiency present in the human body.

In most cases the primary immunodeficiency is experienced during the birth which is a genetic related abnormality and its repercussions are realized in old age. For acquired immunodeficiency, the patient gets as a result of some infections which have some negative impacts to the immune system of the patient. Myeloid progenitor and lymphoid progenitor are the major cells which are responsible of producing other cells necessary for providing immune system of the body. If the patient is worse, the cells which are supposed to work becomes weak hence unable to provide the patient the service required. The above named cells will actually provide the body with cellular components responsible for immune system, (Madkour, 2004).

The main types of response present in the immune response with tuberculosis are the adaptive and innate immunity. Actually the response is used in order to provide protection to the affected person. Those types of response present in immune system with TB have some disease kind of resistance which will automatically help the patient from suffering or spreading the infectious disease to the rest of the population. Although there are different types of response which are present in the cause of immune process with TB, actually they are not recognized by the so called pathogen. Those types of response present in immune system got some active defensive mechanism such as anatomic and inflammatory which are present in innate immunity responsible of providing some guards whenever the patient is in a critical condition, (Walker & Lowrie, 1998).

Most of the types of response which are present in the immune system usually play the role of recognizing anything which can be termed as foreign from the body. They select and eliminate them so as to provide some immune to the patient. Of the response present in the immune system, they are not independent but you will find them working with a manner such that they depends each other.Some of cytokines involved in the immune response with tuberculosis include IL-10, IL-4, and TGF-beta just to mention but a few. They are responsible for regulating the immune system of the patient hence providing the patient with an environment which is better for healing.

Research shows that if those cytokines are present in plenty, they at times refuse to work as they are expected and thus creating some immune failure which is such dangerous to the patient. The first event in the immune response with TB is the inhalation of tubercle bacilli where destruction of infection is expected to occur. Another event is whereby some of the cells such as blood monocytes come into contact with the lung which brings some infections to the lung, and finally the results of TB solely depend on the type of infection which has affected the patient, (Robinson, 2009).


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