Imagining the tenth dimension

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            The narrator talks about the new way of thinking about time and space. For any individual to wrap up the mind ion this concept, they must reconsider the idea of infinity, the possible things and the impossible ones and lastly consciousness. That is what Bryanton sets to do in the personal expression rather than a traditional scientific theory.

            The first dimension is a line. The starting point is a point having no size and dimension. It is then joined with another and joining them creates the first dimension with only length and no width or depth. The second dimension is a split whose source is combining the first line with another. It has the two major dimensions of length and breadth, but no height. An example of a two-dimensional creature would be a ‘Flatlanders.’ The third dimension is a fold. It has a length, width, and height. The fourth dimension is time. He says that one can either move up and down or forward and backward in a square. It represents two dimensions. Considering the movement of an elongated snake, it appears to move along a straight line in the fourth dimension. However, in the fifth dimension, there are a multitude of paths that one can branch to at any moment. That forms the basis for the fifth dimension. The sixth dimension has a basis in the analogy of the Mobius strip. Timeline has a view of a two-dimensional strip of paper. Visiting the past involves wrapping the paper around itself around the third dimension. The seventh dimension is infinity. To obtain this, the narrator attempts to compress three dimensions into a single point. One should imagine a line that treats the other entire six dimensions as a single point. The narrator points that the set of possibilities resulting from the Big Bang is only infinity, and there are other infinities arising from the initial conditions. The tenth dimension involves the extension of time and has a basis of the string theory.


Imagining the Tenth Dimension – Rob Bryanton

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