Imagining the Tenth Dimension

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“Imagining the Tenth Dimension” is a new way of thinking proposed by a non-physicist Bryanston. The tenth dimension of thinking builds on the string theory. According to the theory, the string can go through five key interactions based on various ways of joining and splitting. Bryanton adds on the five dimensions and introduces the tenth dimension ways of imagining.

The first dimension is a point, without size or dimension. The point is an imaginary idea of a position in the system. Movement within two such points creates the first dimension which is the length. The second dimension is width, which connect the imagery points in the first dimension. The third dimension is the depth.

The fourth dimension is duration or time. Bryan ton notes that the human can only see a cross-section of the 3rd-dimension. He notes that time is one of the possible directions in the third dimension. The fifth dimension is a fold or movement from the present to the past. It is a “probability space” where humans can travel through time to a specific point in the past. The movement from the present to the point and from that point to another, in the past, creates the sixth dimension

The seventh dimension enables one to move through points in the “probability world” to a point in the future of the “probability world.” It resembles infinity in the imagined world. The eighth dimension is the split of the infinity in the probability world. Within the infinity of the probability world, there common law of physics do not apply thus giving rise to the ninth dimension. The ninth dimension is beyond physical reality, and it involves traveling within the infinity. The tenth dimension is a dimension without time, and everything can happen in the tenth dimension.

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