Imagining the Tenth Dimension

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The tenth dimension is a theory that explains the creation and reality. The theory proposes that there are multiple cosmoses and that reality is relative. The tenth dimension universe suggests that the universe is the outcome of vibrating strings that vibrate in 10 dimensions.  This string can oscillate in different ways causing different outcomes. Humans can only perceive matter up to the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension matter comprises of length, width, depth, and time.

Human beings cannot perceive the multiple cosmoses because their consciousness has confined them to the third and fourth dimension universe. According to the theory, humans are just like fish in a pond. The fish in a pond only has the ecosystem of the pond as its universe. It only understands and perceives things that take place in the pond and is oblivious of things that happen outside the pond. The third and fourth dimension universe encloses humans just as the pond confines the fish to its small universe. Humans are unable to perceive the existence of other cosmoses because they are enclosed in their own cosmos.

Although the fish in the pond does not perceive the life and events outside the pond, forces outside the pond can affect it. Light can penetrate through water causing illumination that fish can perceive. Similarly, sun waves heat up the water causing a perception of warmth. The same also applies to humans and the other cosmoses. Although we cannot perceive the parallel universes, forces in the fifth to the tenth dimension universe do affect us. We can see the ripples of the events taking place in the higher dimensions.

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