I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud by William Wordsworth


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The poem I wandered lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth is a lyric poem about how the poet responds to natures beauty. The genre of lyric poems shows the deep emotions and feelings of the poet. The setting of the poem is the April of 1892 at Lake Grasmere, Cambrian country England. This was a time when Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy, were walking near the lake and at it s shore, there grew daffodils.

In the first stanza talks about this place and he likens his wording to be like the cloud and its when they saw the daffodils waving around at the show of the lake under tree. The daffodils are lily family plants which have the shape of a trumpet and with yellow flowers. The poet goes on to describe the plants which stretch in all the regions of the shore. This plenty sight of the daffodils are like Milky ways which according to scientists, the galaxy has trillion of stars. He uses personification to describe the daffodil which is engaged in a dance (stanza 2).

The daffodils outdo the lakes waves which are rippling in their dancing and fluttering. But suddenly the poet does not get pleased with the sight by saying, the show to me had brought which is an anastrophe. In the last stanza, he muses of the happy sight before him of the daffodils dancing. His message to the readers from this poem is that people fail to observe and appreciate the wonders of nature but are busy doing their daily chores. It is only through the beauty of nature that our spirit is uplifted.  Lastly nature still thrives even when man fails to attend it (PoemHunter.com, 2011).


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