Human Resource Strategies

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Human resource strategies help in the development of skills, attitudes and behavior among employees so as to enhance organizational goals. Organizations must adopt effective Human resource strategies to ascertain that employee motivation remains high. The paper highlights the case of two organizations: Mayo Clinic and Google Inc. The paper will compare the two companies while highlighting the human resource strategies that enable the organizations to succeed.

Company Overview

Google Inc

Google Inc is a multinational corporation established in 1998 by the founders Larry page and Sergey Bin. Google operates in the media industry where it develops technologies such as web browsers, Smartphone, and social media applications. The company operates on a local and international platform with over 28,000 US employees and over 52,000 worldwide employees. Google Inc provides its worldwide customers with various products and services. The products and services fall into six main categories (Google Inc, 2015). The first category of products is the web-based products that users access via the web browser (Great Place to work, 2015).

The web-based products include search tools such as Google search, advertising services, and security tools. The company also creates operating systems such as Android and Chrome. The company also creates desktop application such as Google Chrome and Google Earth. The company also boasts of providing customers with mobile applications such as Gmail and Drive. Google also manufactures hardware such as Google search appliances and nexus one for Smartphone users. Google Inc has been thriving since its establishment with the company realizing approximately 66 billion in revenue (2014).

Mayo Clinic is a non-profit medical organization based in Rochester Minnesota. Mayo Clinic operates under the health care clinic and serves the North American populations. The clinic operates in three major locations: Rochester, Phoenix, and Jacksonville. The founders of the clinic were mainly members of the Mayo family hence the name of the clinic (Great Place to work, 2015). Mayo Clinic began its operations in 1919 with the intention of providing the American public with quality patient care. The clinic also strives to advance research and education in the healthcare sector. Mayo clinic is almost 80 years older than Google Inc, but the organization has stood the test of time and thrived. Mayo clinic may also be smaller than Google Inc in terms of size and profits, but the performance of the clinic is impressive. In 2014, Mayo Clinic recorded total revenues of approximately $9421 million (Mayo Clinic, 2015). The clinic also strived to enhance its operation by employing an adequate workforce. Mayo clinic has approximately 43,000 employees spread across its branch facilities.

Mission, Vision, Values and Core Business Practices

Mayo Clinic and Google Inc have a mission, vision and core values that outline the organization’s operations and goals. The mission of Mayo Clinic is to inspire hope and to contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to patients. The primary value that drives Mayo Clinic focuses on putting the patient’s need first (Mayo Clinic, Home Page). The clinic believes by serving the patient, and they are a step closer to achieving the mission and vision of the organization. The core values of the clinic include respect, compassion, integrity, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and innovation.

Google Inc has a mission statement that aims to organize the world’s information and ensure that the information is universally accessible and useful. The company also boasts of an unofficial mission: don’t be evil. The unofficial mission is not spiritual, but it emphasizes in working towards the best interest of the customer. The value of putting the customer first is apparent in Google Inc and Mayo Clinic. Google encourages its employees to focus on the serving the customer(Google Inc, 2015). It is by serving the customer that other aspects of the organization will fall into place. Google also emphasizes on speed so as to please the customer. The company also values democracy and flexibility.

HR Strategies


Organizations strive for a workforce that can drive them towards the achievement of their overall objective. Organizations that embrace training and development as human resources strategy progress in term of growth and performance. Organizations can train new employees with emphasis on the acquisition of skills that will enable the employee’s top boost their performance (Wright, 2008). Training can also occur so as to remain to date with the changing work environment. Additionally, training can occur to keep employees up to par with the organizational goals. Training can occur to new and existing employees. The existence of a qualified workforce at Mayo Clinic and Google Inc will enable the two organization attain their vision, mission and core values. Google Inc operates in a competitive environment as it competes with companies such as Yahoo and AOL.

The existence of a qualified personnel will enable the company remains ahead through continued innovations. Additionally, training will enhance employee skills thus enabling employees to live up to the company’s, mission and core values (Vosburgh, 2010). The HR strategy of training is also critical at Mayo Clinic so that the company upholds its positive reputation. Mayo Clinic strives to engage in continuous research so as to enhance the provision of healthcare services. Training accompanied with measures such as research will boost the company’s efforts in providing the best healthcare. The healthcare industry undergoes a diversity of chances that the healthcare professionals need to know. Mayo Clinic can, for instance, train their employees on new technological inventions that can push the organization forward. Training and development are a continuous process that ascertains employee growth and subsequent growth of the organization.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a critical aspect of human resource strategies. Strategic planning enhances organizational success as well as success with customers and employees. Planning enables an organization to evaluate their current status versus their expected status (Vosburgh, 2010). Planning enables the organization to determine existing gaps that may be hindering optimal performance. It is through the determination of the gaps that an organization establishes areas that require adjustment. Strategic planning will promote a competitive advantage for Google Inc and Mayo Clinic. Google Inc and Mayo Clinic can involve employees in determining areas that require adjustments so as to enhance performance. Employee involvement enhances satisfaction levels. The two companies will engage the employees in the creation of organizational policies and matters of career development. Planning is an extensive human resources strategy. It entails ensuring that employees have the appropriate tools and equipment to enhance their performance. Planning also entails ensuring that employees are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge that can enable them fit in the changing business world.


Organizations must adopt effect strategies of compensating employees for their contribution to the organization. Organizations adopt monetary reward schemes to compensate their employees for work done. However, monetary rewards are not sufficient to boost employee morale at the workplace. Human resources must integrate monetary and non-monetary techniques to enhance employee motivation. Organizations can adopt compensation strategies such as benefits and bonuses. Organizations can also adopt non-monetary incentives such as recognition for achievement, paid leaves, and training and development opportunities. Google Inc and Mayo Clinic are among the best-rated companies, in relation to the greatest places to work. Google Inc provides its employees with a great work atmosphere that boosts their morale (Wright, 2008).

 Google, for instance, has nap pods where employees can rest whenever they feel tired. Additionally, the company has a less formal atmosphere allowing employees to work in a home-like environment. Google also has a family culture and members participate in employee personal events such as wedding, baby showers, and engagement celebrations. May Clinic, on the other hand, provides its employees with college tuition reimbursement and training opportunities. Mayo also provides employees with an attractive workplace atmosphere that focuses on fun activities that go beyond work. The management supports employee participation in employee related parties in the case of special events such as wedding and engagement.

Additionally, the organization provides employees with five full leave days upon the loss of a family member (Vosburgh, 2010). The existence of attractive monetary and non-monetary packages at Mayo Clinic and Google enhance job satisfaction. Employees that demonstrate a high level of satisfaction exhibit high levels of performance that gives the company a competitive advantage.


Mayo Clinic and Google Inc are two companies that the public considers to be the best place to work. The companies have adopted strategies that enhance employee satisfaction thus motivate employees to perform. Human resources strategies address factors that influence the performance of employees. Mayo Clinic and Google receive high ratings because they adopt attractive human resources strategies that motivate employees. A satisfied employee will perform and subsequently enable the organization to attain its objectives and subsequent competitive advantage.


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