Human Exceptionality


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School, Community, and Family by Hardman, Drew, C.J and Eagan

a) Hardmans books recommend ways in which lives of people with special needs and their families can be enhanced. According to Hardman, professionals need to collaborate in order to ensure that children with special needs and their families are able to live better lives. Among the professionals that should be involved in these collaborative efforts are educators and healthcare providers.

Like other children, children with special need should receive quality education and live normal lives. Therefore teachers should be enlightened about special need cases and challenges that come with them. This reading material has been useful in explaining the various classifications and causes of these special conditions and has suggested ways of working with people having special needs. The main idea presented by Hardman is that exceptional individual should not be segregated but should be included in all aspects of society. They should attend the same school with other children, play with other and stay where others stay. This book also suggests technologies that can be utilized to ensure successful inclusion of exceptional persons through out their lives.

Another key point obtained from this Journal is that special conditions are better identified and addressed early in what Hardman refers to Individual Early family Service Plan and Early Intervention Plan. Early interventions on children with special need increase the chances for correcting the condition, reducing father damage and for enhancing learning and development. When a condition is identified early, professional will able to devise ways of avoid further deterioration of the condition. To ensure that early intervention of exceptional condition and effective inclusion of exceptional individuals, involved professional must understand what make up this conditions and how they should be managed. They must know how the conditions are classified and their causes

b) The knowledge I have gained from this book concerning various exception condition will be very useful in a class setting. Through this knowledge it will be easier to identify students that are suffering from or developing one or more of these condition and call for early intervention measures. This book has also put me in a position to identify the type of condition a child may be suffering from and take appropriate action. Since we must ensure effective inclusion of exceptional individuals into our classroom, the book has prepared me on how to handle and take care of an individual with special needs in my class. I have learned of various technologies that may be useful in ensuring effective learning and proper development of exceptional students. This content will also assist me to effectively teach and interact with students having exceptional needs. This key to understanding these people is having knowledge of these conditions and challenges that people suffering from them go through.


Hardman, Drew, C.J and Eagan (2009), Human Exceptionality: School, Community, and Family, 10th Ed., USA, Cengage/Brooks & Cole

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