Human Development


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There are various stages of development among children. For instance, the toddler stage. Toddlers undergo various types of development. For instance, they undergo cognitive development. They also experience, motor development, physical development and moral development. Lastly, toddlers experience emotional development and social development. Cognitive development involves the development of cognitive functions like information processing and memory. Cognitive development is an important stage among toddlers .Parents are required to provide the right help so as to enable children at the toddler stage to grow well cognitively. As children grow mentally, they trend to advance various skills.

For instance, they tend to enhance their observing skills and interaction. The children also try to process, store information and use it. During this stage; children need activities that enhance mental growth. For instance, the plays should involve many characters, scenarios and rules that are complex. This is to help the child develop cognitive functions like memory. Some children have poor cognitive development because parents do not provide the right activities to the children. So, parents should be careful when selecting the activities. One can encourage the child to draw and group objects so as to be able to develop mentally (Barnes, 1995).

In addition, toddlers also experience physical growth. The children are physically active during this time. During this time; the child learns how to walk alone. Also, children aged 12-15 months are able to walk well, throw objects. They are also able to jump at the age of 24 months. At the age of 36 months children are able to draw. During this state, the parents are required to provide activities that enhance physical development. The parent can encourage the child to play using toys so as to be able to walk.

The parent can also use games like “head, shoulders, knees and toes and dancing. Apart from physical development, toddlers also undergo motor development and social and emotional development. During emotional development, the child is able to use gestures to show objects and mimic behaviors and conversation. In this stage, children always want to be independent. The children always want to work independently. They also have mood swings and are aware of themselves. The parents should use activities that encourage social and emotional development. For instance, the parents can encourage children to play hide and seek with other children so as to learn how to control their moods and socialize with other people (Sigelman &Rider, 2008).

Moreover, the children experience language development. For instance, the children are able to use 2 to three words at the age of 15 months. They are also able to understand simple rules and follow them at 16 months. They are also able to name objects like animals at the age of 24 months. They are also aware of their age and gender at 2 years. Parents are supposed to provide activities that encourage language development among toddlers. For instance, they can help children group pictures in a certain order. They can also help children read some words and stick pictures against the words. Lastly, the children undergo moral development. During moral development, the children want to be independent. At this stage, the children are not able to differentiate what is wrong or bad. The parent should help the children learn what is bad or good. One can encourage the children to play group games so as to be able to acquire moral values. They can also write stories that involve moral values after a discussion (Herr &Swim, 2001).


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