How Fit the Anti-Hero Mold


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Although the book is interesting, the main characters possess some qualities of villains. Perry Edward Smith is regarded as an Anti-hero character simply because of his behaviors of killing the Clutter family. Initially he disagrees the allegations that he is a thief and a killer but this comes to be true when becomes responsible of the clutter family killings. He can be regarded as an anti-hero character simply because instead of having those heroic characteristics we see him engaging into some useless activities such as killing. Although he comes from a troubled situation since his childhood ness, he has tried as much as possible to be creative and thoughtful which helps him in evading some of crimes which he commits, (Capote, 2009).

Another character who has the anti-hero characteristics is the Dick Hickock. We get to understand he is close friend of Smith. They have been brought up together meaning that they have similar things that they share. Some of the characteristics that smith has were borrowed from Dick which translates that Dick is also a killer. One of the qualities which bring out clearly the aspect of anti-hero in Dick is when he organizes the robbery action to the clutters family.

Although he does not actively participate in the killings of the four clutters family, he is the one who keeps guard when the exercise was carried one. He is a high tech criminal simply because even some of the crimes which he organizes at times he evades to become the leader of the plans. We get to know as the book continues that Smith believes in Dick irrespective of his behaviors and he actually feels secured whenever they are together. Another quality of anti-heroism is that Dick fails to attend to his duty such as supporting his family accordingly, (Capote, 2009).


Capote, T (2009). In Cold Blood: Teaching Unit: Prestwick House, Incorporated


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