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Routers are electronic devices that are used in networking to forward packets of data across the network. The devices check the protocol and destination address of the data packet. The data packet is then routed to any matching destination address if there is any that matches an address within its address table. If the destined address read on the data packet is on a net work which uses a protocol transmission that is different the necessary protocol data gets added.  Therefore, routers are basic network tools that analyze and forward the data packets to their designated destinations. Most routers in the market currently are high speed routers, meaning they have a capacity to handle higher bandwidths enabling faster activities such as downloading and sending files, band widths provided by internet providers range from 1MBps to 12 MBps and fast routers should be able to handle bigger bandwidths (HighSpeedRouters.com, 2009a).

There are various manufacturers that make routers of different types. Examples of router manufacturers include Cisco (a world leader in making networking equipment), net gear and apple. These companies manufacture various types of routers, but for the purpose of this paper I shall select a single high-speed router from each manufacturer of networking equipment. Cisco manufactures Linksys WRT54G2 which is a broadband wireless G router. This type of router is one of the highest performing in its class, and it performs functions that can be dedicated to three devices. Firstly, it functions as access point that is wireless. The wireless access allows connection to devices which have 54 MBps (802.11b) and 11MBps (802.11 g) compliance.

Secondly, the router has an Ethernet connector with four ports. These ports can be used to connect other devices that are not wireless to the World Wide Web. Finally, it allows one to connect his/her several computers in a manner that can allow internet sharing on a cable or DSL modem acting as a source. The manufacturer provides a set guide CD that is given to buyers of this router thus making the process of setting up easier. The CD instructions have illustrations that make it simple to set it up. The router has two antennas that are removable and these help guarantee a stronger and quicker connection to the internet.  The router has a security feature that is simply activated by pushing a button on it. The WPA2 routers protection safeguards data security through an encryption of 128 bits (HighSpeedRouters.com, 2009).

The second sampled high speed router is the Netgears WGR614 wireless-G router€. This high speed router has powerful functionalities and a design of elegance. This router has two major advantages. Firstly, it has a long range and secondly it is extremely easy to set up. The router enables a computer located far away to get a clear signal and this allows one to use a computer far away from the router.

Tests performed on the router showed that it still could perform maximally and offer normal speed even when located 25 feet way from the computer with a separating wall in between the router and the computer. The router also comes with smart wizard CD for setting the router. Thus making the creation of a home network easier. It is simple to connect several devices that are wireless and a maximum of four devices that are wired using the routers Ethernet ports without actually having to hire a technician (HighSpeedRouters.com, 2009).

The third sampled router is an Apple make. TheMB763LL/A airport extreme dual band base station has an elegant look. The router offer support to 802.11 n and it offers faster speed at long distances. It also has a USB port that allows connection of USB hard drives, which can allow sharing of data with an estimated 50 other users. The router has enhanced security features that can allow blocking of any unauthorized access to the network. Thus making it very secure (HighSpeedRouters.com, 20.


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