Green Party


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The green party mainly concerns itself with having sustainable methods of business, transportation and agriculture. The members of the green party show this concern by supporting laws that are aimed at protecting the environment and also the use of other sources of fuel. Therefore, the green party opposes the fossil fuel consumption, deforestation, and the general destruction of natural habitats so as to make some products. For example, cutting down trees so as to build houses. Therefore, the green house emphasizes the maintenance of the green environment and this is something that can be achieved by saving the environment from more damage. In addition to this, the green party has committed itself to making health care universal. They have declared that insurance on health should be affordable and this is not a privilege but a right that all people should have access to.

The party advocates for non violence. This way it believes that people should work towards ensuring the elimination of violence and both local and international levels. Thus, the party recognizes that national defense is important and they also campaign for demilitarization. This shows that the green party supports reduction of the military and at the same time opposes wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. By opposing the wars, it means that the party opposes the involvement of the US government in these countries. They believe that the differences that exist between the US and these countries are supposed to be attended to without the use of violence. National defense also concerns the rights of people. Therefore, the green house party puts value on the freedom of people to choose and also respect for the various differences that exist among people. The green party thus advocates for diversity.

National defense is not just about crime. The green party has also demanded national defense on climatic change. Global warming is a serious calamity which if not well addressed will result to great negative effects on America. The green party has thus demanded that the amount that is spent on military be cut and instead used to address the catastrophe of climate change (McLarty & Rankin, 2010). Comparing the stand that the green party has on national defense and that of the democrats and republicans, one can say that the green party is aimed and providing a better national defense for the Americans. The democrats and republicans rejected a bill on climate change. Further, they (the democrats and republicans) have continued offering support for drilling offshore as well as relying on the use of fossil fuels, things that greatly contribute to adverse climatic changes. Thus, this is a great criticism for the democrats and republicans for their less responsibility towards addressing climatic changes and global warming.

The green party can be trusted in taking steps towards controlling global warming. For instance, they have openly criticized the senate for failing in addressing global warming. An example of this is a statement by Laura Wells, a candidate for the green party, that one cannot trust the democrats and republicans on taking steps towards curbing global warming. This was after the senate failed to pass the bill on climate change in July 2010. The party has reached many states and has what they refer to as state parties. To address national defense and other national issues, the green party has national committees, national officers as well as spokespersons who represent the entire party. Further, the party opposes death penalty due to the respect that they have for human life


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