Global Warming


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In the recent past, issues to do with global warming have dominated environmental debate as people come to terms with the effects green house gases, fossil fuels etc have on the environment. In this text, I discuss issues that arose from an interview I had with a local environmentalist.

The interview

My interviewee is Mr. Clinton Moore, a local environmentalist who has been at the forehead to lobby the government to adopt working measures aimed at reducing the adverse effects of human activity on the environment. Based on the way Mr. Clinton Moore articulated his facts, it is clear that issues revolving around he environment are close to his heart. He particularly seems incensed discussing what he calls thoughtless human and corporate activities like cutting down trees as well as embracing fossil fuel combustion which are some of the leading causes of global warming. Though I hadn’t taken the issue of global worming seriously before, the interview with Mr. Moore was a real eye opener especially when it comes to the effects of global warming. For instance, global warming could inform a serious change in weather patterns and inform extreme weather. This triggers other adverse effects including but not in any way limited to intense tropical cyclones as well as drought.

However, in my opinion based on the interview with Mr. Moore, the issue of global warming seems to have been blown out of proportion. Most of the data Mr. Moore advances to me is based on computer models which according to Holden (2002) are too primitive predict climate changes in future with reasonable accuracy.


Though global warming and its effects threaten the very well being of human civilization, more studies need to be done to explain the full extent of the same as well as chart the way forward with respect to averting any adverse climate changes which may be brought about by the same.


Holden, B. (2002). Democracy and global warming. Continuum International Publishing


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