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A basic unit in a living organism residing along the DNA Strands known as chromosomes is referred to as a gene. The process through which information from a gene is utilized in the synthesis of a functional gene product is known as gene expression. Gene expressions can be controlled by several medical treatments which have some benefits and disadvantages.



One of the benefits of medications that control gene expression is that the cell is allowed to produce gene products at the most appropriate time when they are needed. A good example is medications that are used to control the expression of insulin in order to signal regulation of blood glucose. The other benefit of these medications is that they are helpful to and can be used to treat people with genetic disorders. Moreover, cancer can be treated through gene therapy. Infertile parents who wish to have babies can do so through gene therapy (Kelly, 2007).

One disadvantage of medications that control gene expression is that they only aim at the target cells. Hence, other tissues which are not a target for these medications may be damaged. The other disadvantage is that some medications that alter gene expression can be fatal or weaken the patient. Some of the diseases that can be treated by gene control include cystic disorders, severe combined immunodeficiency, diabetes and cancer.

Aside from medical applications, gene control is also applicable in industries in that, a biological factory able to produce enzymes and proteins can be created through gene control. The other application is in agriculture where by gene control enables the production of food that is genetically modified (Pratik, 2007). In conclusion, gene therapy has its benefits in addition to some disadvantages.



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