Gains and Losses of Having a Baby


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Gains Losses
1. Become more responsible and set priority

2. Posterity

3. Motivation to work

4. Ability to take care of the child for a longer term

5. Enriched life

6. More love in my life

1. More financial expenses

2. More commitment (of energy and time)

3. More responsibilities

4. Interference on schedule

5. Impact on career/ learning

6. Less time to myself

7. Stress associated with bringing up a baby

8. Drained social life

9. Changing hope and dreams















Letter to the Baby

Dear Baby,

It has always been my wish and long time dream to have in my life. However, following deep insights and consideration of many factors, I have seen it fit that you should not come at this time. This is because I have realize that I am not yet ready to take care of you at this time and bringing you will result into more of suffering than joy for the both of us.

Having a baby, in todays world require huge financial commitments. You will need to; feed, you will need clothes, shelter, access to education, access to healthcare and many other needs. At my current financial status I will not be able to comfortably meet all this needs. I have also considered the fact that I will need to spend more time with your and take care of you. I will not be able to do this effectively since my hands are full right now as I have to study and try to make ends meet. I would hate a situation were you will be granted less attention because of me having to do so many things at the same time.

Kindly understand that this decision is the best for both of us. When the right time comes I will not hesitate to take you in and I am sure then you will enjoy your stay with me.

Every Baby should be a Wanted Baby

Having a child is blessing but it also come with various costs. Wanting a baby mean accepting to meet all the financial obligations associated with raising a baby. These are such as ensuring the baby is feeds, dresses, is sheltered, properly educated and receive healthcare services among other needs. If you are not capable of meeting all these need then you have no business wanting a baby.

Wanting a baby should means that you are ready to take care of them until they become independent. This means allocating more of your time to ensure that their needs taken care of. This is usually an easy task and sometime interferes with peoples careers and social lives. Therefore by wanting a baby you should be willing to sacrifice your personal time, your career and your social life as a baby is going to interfere with your schedules and cause a strain on your time resource. Therefore, a wanted baby should be one conceived out of prior knowledge of the benefits and cost involved in having a baby.

However, there are cases where a baby is conceived without prior planning. People sometime indulge in sexual activities and getting pregnant that they did not planned for. A baby conceived out of cases such these should be wanted babies. It will be wrong and unethical to refer to a baby as unwanted just because it conception was not planned for. When an unplanned pregnancy occurs the couple responsible ought to accept and adjust their lives to accommodate the baby.

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