Food and Beverage Production


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There are diverse food and beverage operation ranging from private operations to large establishments offering food and beverage services to the public. The food and beverage operations require prudent management for them to succeed. This is because they the food and beverage products are very sensitive products as they direct affect human health and also the products are direct to public who have different tastes, preferences and perceptions (Cousin and Foskett, 2002). This paper is going to discuss effective means of managing food and beverage production and the process of service as well in reference to Ruby Tuesday Restaurant.

Managing food and beverage production involves many different aspects. The first aspect is designing the food and beverage concept (Judy & Cathy, 1999). Before establishing a food and beverage operation one must have a concept in mind. This involves determining what to food and beverage products to offer and their prices, which market to target and what strategies to use in order to appeal to the market.  

This concept is best reflected in the menus of the food establishments. In order to design a concept that will be appealing to customer it is important to identify the needs and requirements of customers before you design your concept. It is in this regard that Ruby Tuesday has established an effective system of communication between it and its customers. Through communication Ruby Tuesday is able to produce food and beverage products with its customers rather than for its customers.

The next important aspect is managing the food and beverage production process. This process begins from acquisition of supplies and inputs to when the products are presented to the customers (Davis et al, 1998). How a food and beverage operation manages its inventory is very important. First of all the food and beverage managers should ensure that they receive supplies that are of high quality and meet all the standard requirements.

Part of Ruby Tuesdays food and beverage managers duty is to oversee purchasing and delivery of supply to the restaurant. The managers always ensure those only high quality raw materials are accepted into the companys inventory.  The inventory department is also a good place to start managing cost by ensuring that you obtain supplies at reasonable prices (Davis et al, 1998). The next step is managing the food and beverage production area.

This involves ensuring that hygiene standards are met and that food and beverages are prepared in adherence to their recipes. How a particular food or beverage is prepared will contribute significantly to its quality. Ensuring high levels of hygiene and production process is a key area of concern for Ruby Tuesday. The food and beverage production process is usually a good determinant of an operations costs and pricing. Once the food and beverages are ready for consumption the production process stops and now enters the service process.

The process of serving a food and beverage customer contribute significantly to the customers perception of the quality of food or beverage. Therefore, managing the service process is just as important as managing the food and beverage production process. When managing services, one should focus on key areas such as; communication, speed of service and physical evidence.  

Communication is a very important element in service. In order to ensure that there is good communication between the establishment and its customers; Ruby Tuesday has recruited service employees who have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. It is also important to recruits employees who have good knowledge of the products on offer to the customers.  This goes along way into ensuring that contact between the employee and the customer remains positive.

Physical evidence is also contributes to the service experience by the customer. Employees dressing, restaurants interior décor and designs, arrangement of cutlery, tables and chairs influence the customers perception about service (Judy & Cathy, 1999). Ruby Tuesday has addressed this need by nicely conceptualizing its restaurant, introducing wait-staff uniform, upgrading table tops and interior designs of the restaurant.

Also important to the service process is the speed of service. Food and beverage clients would love to have their needs attended with urgency and in the shortest time possible. In order to address this need Ruby Tuesday has implemented measures to ensure that there is optimum coordination between various departments and between employees.

In order to ensure that your establishment service process it is very important to embrace a customer driven service process (Cousin & Foskett, 2002). This has the implication that establishment should identify what aspects the customers would like to be included in the services process and which aspects should be eliminated. An establishment should also be ready to respond to changes in market needs and demands.

In summary, as demonstrated by Ruby Tuesday prudent and comprehensive restaurant food and beverage production management and service management is key to the success of any food and beverage establishment. Management should begin from the development of the concept and acquisition of supply where the production process begins to the service process where the chain of production ends. A vital aspect in managing all these areas of operation is, having the client in mind. It is very important to determine what the client needs and what he consider as quality.



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