Film Critiques


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Film Critiques

Name of film: Slumdog Millionaire

Era film trying to portray: Present

Ethnic group: Indian


Who were the main characters?

The main characters of the film were Jamal, his brother Salim and Jamals love Latika.

Describe each main character’s role?

This film revolves around the life of Jamal as a child, adolescent and as an adult. The film begins when Jamal is in hot sit of a game show about to win the jackpot. The film switches between Jamal present and past. He is used in the film to portray how it is like to be poor in India and to live in Indian slums. Jamal lives a miserable life in the slum where he tragically looses her mother and left as orphans. Him and his brother move from one place to another to try and make ends meet.

Jamals brother Salim is also widely featured in the film and he is also used to portray the state of poverty being experienced in some of the Indian cities. Salim is also used to display the extent some people in India are willing to go so as to meet their needs and get out of poverty. In the film Salim resorts to various criminal activities in order to meet his and his brother basic needs.

Latika is featured as an orphan and she is used to bring out how society is willing to exploit the weak and lowly. Together with Jamal and his brother, she is taken to a camp by people posing as benefactors but who attempt to steal their body organs. She is also taken to work as a dancer and earns other people money.

Did you notice any stereotypical portrayals of the group being examined?

If so what were they?


The film stereotypes the Indians society as being impoverished, violent and very corrupt.

Indicate whether you think that they are positive or negative stereotypes and why you think so.

This stereotype is negative. This is because it does not present the whole picture of how the Indian society is. There might be bad things happening but there are also many good things.

What values, attitudes, beliefs did the characters exhibit?

Jamal depicts hard work, determination, love and hope. Latika portrays love and disillusionment while Salim depicts ambition, violence and survival attitude.


Briefly what was the plot of the movie?

Jamal is an orphan who grew up from a slum in Mumbai. He finds himself in the hot seat of the Indian edition of the game show who wants to be a millionaire. He is accused of cheating and is arrested. In the process of explaining how he got the questions rights he reveals the story of his life. Each part of Jamal life story explains how he got the answer.

What were the problems?

One of the problems highlighted in the film was poverty that Jamal, his brother and Latika were experiencing. There was also a problem involving the love life of Jamal and Latika. This two characters love each other but circumstances kept them apart. The other problem involved Jamal being accused of cheating in the Game show.

How were they resolved?

The poverty issue is resolved when Jamal finally win the 20 million rupees in the game show. By telling his life story he is able to prove that he did not cheat in the game thereby solving that problem too. Jamal and Latika are finally able to be together as the gang leader who had married Latika is killed by Jamals brother.


After viewing the film, what comes to mind when you think of the group being portrayed?

The film made me realize the inequality and impoverishment that characterizes the Indian society. A sharp contrast between the have and the have not is displayed.

What surprised or angered you? Why?

Killing of Jamals mother by protestors and removing of the orphans eyes made me angry. These scenes surprised me on how some members of the society can be ruthless and inconsiderate.

Did any part of the film hurt or offend you? What and why?

Yes, when Salim took his brothers girl Latika and sent his brother away. This displayed selfishness, lack of concern and moral values. Hard to believe anyone would do such a thing.

Is this film helpful in diffusing stereotypes? Why or why not?

No, because the film presents an image of India that does not reflect the exact situation on the ground. Though there are poor people in India, the country also has people who are living decent lives.

Any objections to the film?  What and why?

Yes, the film should have portrayed positive aspects of the Indian society and not being all negative.


Did your perceptions of this culture change after this film?

If so, in what way?

Yes, through this film I have been able to understand serious issues that the poor living in this society go through in their day to day lives. I have also noted the discrepancy that exists in the ways of life of the poor and the rich in the country.


Danny Boyle (Director) Dave Patel (Character) (1998), Slumdog Millionaire (Motion Picture), Transporter (producing company)


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