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It is important to understand the concept of diversity in the current society. This implies that each and every member of society is unique in one way or the other, and that ethnic, learning, health, physical and racial variations are part of human beings. There is an up-close view of disabled people, a time period starting in a history of discrimination. A recent desegregation movement involving disabled people has also been looked at. The aim of this movement is to promote the acceptance and inclusion of disabled people into the society. The society can do a lot in collaboration with disabled people as well as their families in pursuit of creating hopeful future that upholds equality (Hardman, Drew and Eagan, 2009).

The other key point that has been highlighted is the important role that education plays in the current century. Through education, people can gain insight, knowledge and learn to accept people with disabilities as part of the society. Effective special education ahs some unique characteristics and there are various hallmarks associated with it, which include intensive instruction, individualization, and teaching of various skills explicitly (Hardman, et al 2009).

Special education and multicultural education are ways through which diversity can be enhanced. Multicultural education emerged due to the feeling that the needs of children from different cultural backgrounds were not met appropriately. Special education on the other hand emerged due to the fact that general education did not appropriately meet the needs of students who had learning disabilities. The key goal of education in the United States is to nurture literate citizens. From this perspective, education is deemed to be accessible to every citizen (Hardman, et al 2009).

Cultural pluralism is the other aspect that is of the essence and largely promoted through multicultural education. Instead of homogenizing the population, multicultural education should enable students to learn more about different cultures as well as comprehending the cultures present within the society and globally. Awareness should be created concerning the contribution of members of different cultural backgrounds to key developments in national history. The thoughts and feelings of the young generation about different cultures depend on the content learnt in school (Hardman, et al 2009).

Educating culturally diverse student may take various ways. One of the most commonly used methods is individualized education for each and every student who has a disability. Making stereotypic assumptions regarding their cultural and ethnic background should be avoided by professors taking part in individualized training program. Additionally, least restrictive environment may also aid in the education of culturally diverse students (Hardman, et al 2009).

Based upon my educational experience, the content presented in the book is applicable to classroom and instruction. It is essential for any form of instruction to promote diversity. Hence, instructors should avoid stereotyping as this leads to segregation and discrimination. Students should be encouraged to embrace diversity and accept each other regardless of the differences in racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The other concept that should be understood during instruction is that various students have different learning capabilities. It is therefore essential to consider the students who are slow learners and require special education. Individualized education program and least restrictive environment are ways that can be employed to promote diversity and cater for the needs of educationally challenged students.


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