False Memory Syndrome


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The paper on false memory syndrome is good. First, the writer has clearly given a definition of what false memory syndrome is. According to Brainerd & Reyna (2005), false memory syndrome is the possession of specific memories, their details and events though in reality they never occurred. In writing a term paper, it should be flowing and in a systematic manner which is the case with this term paper. The writer has also given the origin of the syndrome that is both psychological and physiological and also given other factors that distort the formation of memory for example surroundings, sleep, age and other external sources. To further demonstrate that false memory syndrome is existent, they have given case study and examples. For example the mid-aged woman who generated false memory of being sexually abused by her father because of the lack of attention that she received from him.

Hypothesis is very important in study. Thus, this paper gives the hypotheses of confabulation as confabulation of embarrassment and fantastic or productive confabulation. Through the case studies, the writer gives evidence on certain claims for example, the observations on patient SB which supports the claim that in the generation of false memories, frontal lobe dysfunction has a vital role. Further, the writer recognizes that research work can always be improved. Thus they give recommendations for future research. For instance, the writer recommends that the modern community of medicine can research further and thus have an expanded knowledge about the generation of false memory.


Brainerd, C.J. & Reyna, V.F. (2005). The science of false memory. Oxford University Press.


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