Fair Park in Dallas


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Culture is very important for different individuals, communities and nations. In Texas, one such places which displays culture is the Fair Park in Dallas. Being a Dallas Park and Recreation Department division, Fair Park is both an entertainment as well as a cultural center. Fair Park houses six facilities for performance and nine museums. The Park occupies a large space and thus can be rented for different purposes and events. These include exhibits, festivals, markets, sports events and conferences. The park is widely visited by many people either attending various events or going for recreational purposes.


The location of the park was first set up for the State Fair of Dallas in 1886. It was in 1904 when the fair association suffered a fire and thus financial loss. Due to this loss, it was voted that the location be kept out of real estate developers hands, something that was referred to as Reardon Plan. Following the vote, the park became the second public park in Dallas and was referred to as the Fair Park. The park has gone through various transformations with the most notable being in 1936. This is the year when the exposition of Texas 100th anniversary was carried out in this park. Therefore, to prepare the park for this event, its appearance was transformed and thus became the showcase of Art Deco that it is in the present day. The park has also been expanded with time and now occupies 277 acres.

The park was first transformed so as to host the remarkable celebration of the Texas republic 100th anniversary (Winters, 2010). This was meant to show the economy, history, fauna and flora of the republic of Texas. All these were depicted in the buildings, wall paintings and statues in the park. These transformations were done for the event and the constructions were made in a style of Art Deco. Other than being a representation of the Texas republic, the Fair Park was also made beautiful. Because of the event being held here, the park became an historical landmark. Thus, people could visit the place and learn more about the culture and history of Texas.

Today, the park is a preferred destination for tourists. It is here that people get to enjoy memorable moments in their lives. Today, the Fair Park also serves to educate people on the different aspects of Texas. For instance, by visiting this park, one will know about the Texas anniversary, and culture. It is also an entertainment ground. It hosts different facilities of culture, education and sports that lead to it having even more than seven million people visiting it annually. Several events as well as festivals on culture take place in the park every year. An example of these is the Dallas Summer musicals.

The park is a great landmark not only in Dallas but in the world. In the united states, among those that existed before the 1950s, this is the only world fair site that is remaining. In addition to this, the park has extraordinary collections of the architecture, sculpture and art of the 1930s. Examples of these special features are Smith Fountain and the Lagoon of Leonhardt. These are features that can only be found in this park and thus making it a great landmark in the United States and the world.


The Fair Park in Dallas is a park that is worthy visiting. Being an entertaining, cultural site, people have a lot to enjoy and learn from it. Furthermore, it is the largest Art Deco collections park in the world.


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