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Passing examination depends on both the Mental, physical and emotional preparation by the student. There are three main components involved in the preparation for examinations. These components are physical preparation, mental preparation and emotional preparation. In mental preparation a student must study and convince him or her that she knows well the material. Each time a student is preparing for examinations, he or she should equally divide and plan the time to study the courses being examined. Limited time to study hinders the student from not being able to convince himself that he or she knows the materials to be examined.

Physical preparation for exams means that a student has to eat properly and have sufficient sleep in order to pass the examination. This means that students should not read until late into the night to do last minute reading or take too much sugar and caffeine. This will tamper with the concentration level after the caffeine level drops (Kiewra & Dubois, 1998).

Emotional preparation for examination is also important for a student to do well in his or her exams.  A student needs to develop strategies of dealing with anxiety and over confidence. When a student is over anxious, he may fail to prepare well for exams. Some of these strategies include developing a plan to of dealing with various problems in exams, study early enough for examinations; have positive talk and mentality and ensuring sufficient sleep before sitting for exams (Kiewra & Dubois, 1998, pp25).


Kiewra K & Dubois, F (1998) learning to make the transformation from student to life long learner. Allyn & Bacon publishers, pp 25


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