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It is important to have personnel evacuation plans because they are the proactive measures needed in every household.  An institution which implements personnel evacuation plans  shows that it is committed to face any situation which  may  be diverse in an effective, smoother, safe and effective process. Evacuation plans are required simply for survival reasons. Ana evacuation plan comes in handy when life is at stake and t has to be   part   of   preparedness strategies and ideas for working premises home and even on individual basis.

Through past experience since, it has been noted that life can be saved in times of disasters when there are quick, orderly and decisive steps taken. Such steps help in evacuating the people from the premise to a safer are or the need to evacuate a large community from a region of disaster.  The Hurricane Katrina is one of  the   disastrous  experienced which  affected the lives of  many  people,  through  death  ,  destruction and  ruining the  peoples lives. Emergence situation both small scale and large scale or   natural or and man made can occur at any time.

Home environment and work places have to have a well practiced and written plan to combat such situations.  Such emergencies include floods, explosions, fires earthquakes, biological disasters and tornadoes. The employers in every work station should be responsible in ensuring the safety and well being of the employee. They therefore have to have various evacuation tactics which are ready   and designed for implementation. Such designs should cover fire, flood, biological hazards and other forms of disasters (Abrahams, 1994).



 Abrahams, J (1994) Fire escape in difficult circumstances. Chapter 6.


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