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The environment refers to all the living and non-living things that are found on the earth surface. It includes rivers lakes, oceans, natural forest etc. Over the years the environment we live in have been deteriorating at an alarming rate due to activities of man. There are many activists group that are working to save the environment from further destruction. I will focus on the Arkansas Valley Audubon Society in Pueblo (AVAS). In the meeting, they discussed different pollutants.


Gas emissions (chlorofluorocarbons) from factories have resulted to the wearing off of the ozone layer that has resulted to the exposure of man to harmful ultra violet rays that consequently results to terminasl illnesses like skin cancer. These air pollutants have also caused the occurrence of acid rain that causes massive destruction to natural forests and buildings. Other environmental problems include: global warming, smog, water pollution, and overpopulation.

Global warming is also known as the green house effect because the gases gathering above the earth are similar to those in a green house. Heat is trapped near the earths surface resulting to the warming of the earth and causing a threat to the environment. The main cause of global warming is overpopulation, ozone depletion and deforestation. The more the people on earth the more the energy used the more the cars being driven on our roads and the more gas emission there is  and the temperature of the planet is increased. Overpopulation also leads to more garbage and with poor disposal methods the environment is polluted.

Incidents of flush floods, drought, hurricanes and the melting of icecaps on mountains have been seen as consequences of global warming that has caused drastic climatic changes. Environmental activists have come up with means of reducing global warming and its effects. Activists have resulted to encouraging people to plant trees and to enlighten them on the effects of deforestation. These activists have also begun to sensitize citizen on the reduction of family sizes through family panning so as to control the overpopulation of mankind. They have also pushed the government to increase tax on industries that emit gases and to raise the prices of fossil fuels so as to minimize its use.

Water pollution is also a major cause of environmental degradation. Oil spills, raw sewage sludge, chemicals and garbage are disposed in water bodies such as river, lakes and oceans all over the world. Water pollution results to the death of the flora and fauna in the water body, the surrounding environment and the dependants of that water body. If a water body is polluted its common to see dead fish, dolphins and birds on the shores. Water pollution also affects us through the food chain such that we get to eat e.g. fish that has been exposed to chemicals like lead and cadmium and the resulting effect is we get these chemical deposits in our bodies. Their accumulation will lead to diseases like blood cancer. To minimize water pollution activists pushed the government to pass the clean water act that put an end to the dumping of all pollutants in the water bodies. The activists have all put an effort to clean polluted waters and plastic industries have been forced to make degradable products.


AVAS also takes nature trails, this are recreational trails along rivers that acts as an outdoor museum of flora and fauna. To be a member, you should visit their website and fill in the application form. From AVAS we can learn the importance of the environment and the beauty of nature and this gives one the moral we to act more in the conservation of the environment.


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